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Copy of Pitch Template—Elements

No description

Stephanie Hoekenga

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Pitch Template—Elements

Academic Credit
The MACTC recommends the following credits
in many of its classes.
4th Math Related
3rd Science
Visual Performing & Applied Arts
20-hour Online Experience

College Credit
Articulated Credit–
An agreement between the Career Tech Center and specific colleges/universities to give credit for classes completed and skills learned. Non-transferable.

Direct Credit–
Tech Center students enroll as college students and receive a transcript for college credit that is accepted at most colleges and universities in Michigan.
Graphic Production Technologies
Work-based Learning
Work-based learning includes:
Job Shadows
Goals of Work-based Learning
Work-based learning is designed to provide students with a smooth transition from a school environment to a work environment.
Job Placement
Now what?
Sign up for a tour!
Tear out the green tab in the CTC brochure.
Fill in your name and home school information.
Select three classes to visit during tours in January or February.
Turn form into a CTC rep or your counselor.
Related careers include:
• Graphic Designer
• Marketing Coordinator
• Production Specialist
• Color Specialist
• Pre-flight Technician
• Typographic Specialist
• Commercial Screen Printer
Catering & Culinary Management
Related careers include:
• Food Service Director
• Executive Chef
• Restaurant Manager
• Corporate Caterer
• Baker/Pastry Chef
• Food & Beverage Manager
• Server
Auto Collision/Refinishing
Related careers include:
• Automotive Body Technician
• Automotive Parts Specialist
• Collision Shop Estimator
• Collision Shop Manager/Owner
• Parts Manager
• Parts Distributor
• Auto Refinish Technician
• Auto Detailer
Construction Trades
Related careers include:
• Construction Management
• Carpentry
• Architecture/Drafting
• Facilities Management
• HVAC Technician
• Masonry
• Plumbing
• Electrician
Welding Technology
Related careers include:
• Boiler, Pipeline, and Ship Construction
• Skilled Trades Journey Person
• Underwater Welder
• Welding Educator
• Welding Engineer
• Welding Inspection/Testing
• Welding Technician
Allied Health Technology
Related careers include:
• Medical Assisting
• Physical/Occupational Therapy
• Nursing
• Athletic Training
• Surgical Technology
• Physician Assisting
• Radiologic Technology
Environmental/Veterinary Sciences
Related careers include:
• Veterinarian
• Landscape Design
• Greenskeeper
• Conservation Officer
• Florist
• Bio-technician
• Ecologist
• Groomer
Internet, Network & Security Tech.
Related careers include:
• Network Analyst
• Cisco Engineer
• Security Consultant
• Computer Programmer
• Video Game Developer
• Web Site Designer
• Data Forensics Specialist
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Related careers include:
• Architect/Landscape Architect
• Mechanical Engineer
• Automotive Engineer
• Aerospace Engineer
• Industrial Designer
• Technical Illustrator
• Civil Engineer
• Interior Designer
Business Careers
Related careers include:
• Account Executive
• Auditor/Forensic Accounting
• Bank Management
• Business Owner
• Business Administration
• Certified Public Accountant
• Corporate Management
Auto Service Technologies
Related careers include:
• Automotive Service Technician
• Automotive Parts Specialist
• Parts Manager
• Dealership Service Writer
• Dealership Service Manager
• Factory Service Representative
Machining/Engineering Tech
Related careers include:
• Machinist
• Tool & Die Maker
• Mold Maker
• CNC Operator/Programmer
• Industrial Engineer
• Manufacturing Engineer
• Mechanical Engineer
• Tooling Engineer
Related careers include:
• Hair dresser
• Nail Technologist
• Esthetician
• Salon Manager
• Salon Owner
• Color, cutting, or perming specialist
Electrical/Computer Techologies
Related careers include:
• Computer Repair Technician
• Electrician
• Robotics Technician
• Telecommunications Technician
• Home Security and Entertainment
Criminal Justice
Related careers include:
• Police Officer
• Fire Fighter
• Judge
• Homeland Security
• Corrections Officer
Health Science Academy
Related careers include:
• Doctor
• Nurse Practitioner
• Registered Nurse
• Physician Assistant
• Physical Therapist
• Speech Pathologist
• Pharmacist
• Chiropractor
For returning Allied Health Technology students only.
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