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Growth Mindset and Effective Feedback

No description

Cyndee Nguyen

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Growth Mindset and Effective Feedback

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
Growth Mindset and Effective Feedback
Effective Feedback
Opportunities for Productive Struggle
balance of direct instruction and inquiry learning
Problem of the Month
Close Reading of Texts
Asking Guiding Questions vs. Leading Questions
Encourages perseverance
Leading students or solving problems for them gives the implicit message that they can't do it themselves
Questions bring child back to their process
How and why
Bubb's Mission: To be a safe, engaging, results-oriented, standards-based learning community where everyone collaborates, perseveres, and thinks critically.
Bubb Site Plan for Student Achievement
ALL students will score proficient or advanced in CCSS ELA and Math, as measured by state assessments or district benchmarks.
ALL students will show evidence of a growth mindset, as measured by a baseline student survey.
Action Items:
Provide effective feedback to students in order to promote a growth mindset and metacognition.
Create formative assessments and provide feedback to promote growth mindset and metacognition.
Educating the Whole Child =
Academic and Socio-Emotional Success
Ongoing ad Consistent
Focused on process and effort
Promotes meta-cognition
applying knowledge to new or novel situations
leads to understanding and empowerment
makes learning goals feel attainable and effort seem worthwhile
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