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Myths of innovation

No description

Cristina Bosch

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Myths of innovation

Cristina Bosch Ibáñez Myths of Innovation CONCLUSIONS Leticia Fuentes Alaminos Inés Martínez Nass FACTORS THAT DEFINE
INNOVATION METHOD MYTHS INTRODUCTION What is a 'myth'? Scott Berkun What is 'innovation'? External factors and problems Secondary
factors 1st Myth To achieve success we have to be aware of external issues Problem solving? Problem finding! If I had 20 days to solve a problem it would take 19 to define it. What do we have? EPIPHANY · New perspective
· Comparison
· Make a prototype
identify their needs 2nd Myth PEOPLE LOVE NEW IDEAS 3rd Myth YOUR BOSS
KNOWS MORE THAN YOU 4th Myth THE BEST IDEAS ALWAYS WIN Relative advantage 1 Compatibility 2 Complexity 3 4 Trialability 5 Observability ? Creative marketing 6 The importance of following a method "All the greatest innovators in history experienced more failures than successes." The challenges of innovation 1. Finding an idea
2. Developing a solution
3. Sponsoring & Funding
4. Reproduction
5. Reaching potential customers
6. Beating competitors
7. Timing
8. Keeping the lights on Finding paths of innovation 1 Gaining self-knowledge
2 Rewarding interesting failures
3 Be intense, but step back
4 Grow to size
5 Honor luck at the past Fear of new things Authority ≠ Talent · Subjective value
· Meritocracy fraud
· Conformism and naivity PLAY THE MANAGER ROLE Facing challenges
so the team succeeds · Life of ideas
· Environment
· Protection
· Execution
· Persuasion He maintains the team
united, focused and motivated.
This marks the difference
between success and failure. Culture Dominant designs Tradition Economics Politics Future impact What value does the new thing have compared to the old? How much effort is required to transition from the current thing to the innovation? What are we missing? Comprehension Solutions BERKUN, Scott (2010) ‘The Myths of innovation’. Genesis of Knowledge, Innovation & Knowledge Mgmt Instructor: Dr. Karin Vey AGENDA - Concepts
- Main Myths
- History & Innovation Method
- Factors that define innovations spread
- External factors and problems
- Group work
- Conclusions Accidents happen!
It depends on what we do with the chance CREATIVE
THINKING Creation or modification of a product, and its introduction into a market. DEFINITION Where do the ideas come from? 4 3 2 1 5 6 7 PLAY 7 How much learning is required to apply the innovation? How easy is it to try the innovation? How visible are the results of the innovation? Intuitive Simplicity PRODUCT HAS TO FIT WITH THE PERSONALITY OR NEEDS OF THE COSTUMER You are not selling an object, you are selling values SEISMOGRAPH Vs. THERMOMETER BIKE Vs. SUBMARINE VENDING MACHINE Vs. RAZOR AUTOMATIC DOOR Vs LIGHTNING ROD COMPASS Vs. BATTERIES TELEPHONE VS. FRIDGE Thank You! · Success comes with work and critical points of view · Leadership and making the most of our environment · Marketing TEAMWORK!! 1. Think about your every day activities and the items you use. 2. Focus on an item that could be improved. 3. Propose improvements or alternatives. OBSERVATIONS - Work can supply inspiration - Is this enough? Selling the idea - It's about what we need, not about markets
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