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College and Career

No description

Ashley Henderson

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of College and Career

What are we doing?
This is a research project that will help you think about your future in terms of education and careers.
Week 1: Preparation
Read an article
Take notes on the different types of colleges
Participate in the class discussion using websites
Prioritize your college wish list
Week 2: Research
We will use technology (iPads, laptops, or computers)
to research information about...
Week 3: Projects & Presentations
After researching and becoming an expert on your selected college and career, you will create a project.
Project Requirements
To receive full credit, your project must address the following:
Each student will share their project
with the class by giving a presentation.
This research project will be worth a total of 260 points:

Preparation Work-------50 points
Research----------------- 50 points
Project --------------------100 points
Presentation--------------60 points
------------------------260 points

College and Career
Research, Project, Presentation, and Reflection
You will:
to research
colleges and careers
a project
your project
by writing an informational essay
These activities will give you background knowledge. You will be more prepared to research online after participating in the following:
Yes, you will get to use the internet.
Yes, you will take notes until your hand falls off.
No, you cannot play _________.
Project options:

Poster Board Power Point
1. College/University Information:
• Name of school
• School Website
• Major of Study
• Location
• Student : Faculty Ratio
• 3 Major Courses
• Top 3 Reasons for selecting this college/university

2. High School Information:
• Name of School
• 3 Helpful High School Courses

3. Career Information:
• Name of career
• Description of work/job
• Annual Salary
• Top 3 Reasons for selecting this career

Your presentation will be graded in 5 categories:
1. Eye Contact
2. Body Language
3. Enthusiasm
4. Poise
5. Voice
Please don't do this...
Take notes on your page!
Take notes on your page!
CA Reality Check
Website Exploration
Don't know how much money you will need to earn in the future?
Don't know which occupation to choose?
No problem! The California Reality Check will get you started...
Pictorial Input Chart
Priority Card Sort
1. Cut out your cards
2. Put your name on the back of EACH card
3. Listen to the meaning of each card
4. Prioritize your cards.
1= Most important
10 = Least important
5. Glue your cards in order
6. Complete the summary: how and why
did you choose your top 3 cards?
Research Guide
Web Reliability Mini Lesson
Big Future Career Search
Big Future School Search
Reflection Writing Prompt

After conducting your College and Career Research project, reflect on the following components.

Research Reflection:
What part of this research project did you find most helpful to you as a developing writer?

Next Steps:
While in high school, what could be your next steps in getting closer to your goals? What could be a focus for you as a student headed toward post-secondary options?
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