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Medal Of Honor

No description

lib hist

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal Of Honor

Kenneth D. Bailey
Born- October 21st, 1910 Died: September 26th, 1942
Kenneth Bailey was in the Marine corps, was awarded the Medal of Honor on March 24th, 1943 to Major Baileys wife.
William E. Adams
Born- June 16th, 1939 Died- May 25th, 1971
William was a major in the United States Army. He was killed in South Vietnam during the Vietnam war while serving as a helicopter pilot.
Melvin E. Biddle
Born-November 28 1923 Died-December 16 2010.
Mr. Biddle was in the 517th infantry as a scout. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on October 30th 1945.

Gary L. Littrell
Born-October 26 1944
Joined the Army in 1961.
Worked as a adviser for the 23rd battalion of the South Vietnamese.
On October 15 1973.
All of our men won the medal of honor in different years.

They were awarded the medal by different presidents.

Not all of them were in the same branch.

2 of them faught in the Vietnam war and 2 of them faught in World War II.

Medal Of Honor
by: Robbie and Mason

All of our Medal of Honor recipients showed great amounts heroism and valor while in combat.

All of our recipents were men.
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