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Witches and the Supernatural in Jacobean England

No description

Jessie Gardner

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Witches and the Supernatural in Jacobean England

Witchcraft and the
Supernatural in
Jacobean England Jessie Gardner Famous "Witches" Anne Gunter and the Abington Witchcraft Trial References Demonic Possession Witchcraft The Witch of Edmonton First Prosecution From Scotland to England King James I came into power in 1603 and was well known for his hatred of witches. King James I reigned in England from 1603 to 1625.
King James VI in Scotland from 1583 to 1603. In 1606, the English government prosecuted Brian Gunter and his daughter, Anne, for conspiring to induct two women for the crime of witchcraft. Named Elizabeth Sawyer, who was accused of witchcraft by the locals.
Her husband hit one of Sawyer's pigs, and then Sawyer bewitched him.
Rev. Goodcole was determined to prove her a witch. He was relentless until she confessed.
"Admitted" the devil came to her and made a deal with her.
Was executed April 19, 1621. Resulted in bodily contortions, great strength, clairvoyance, vomiting foreign objects, insensitivity to pain, knowledge of languages, and speaking in voices.
Possessed people were called 'demoniac's reacted negatively to sacred or holy things. 14 years old when case started in 1604
Displayed many symptoms of demonic possession
Accused Elizabeth Gregory and Mary and Anges Pepwell of cursing her.
Brian Gunter wanted Agnes and Elizabeth tried. The trail began on March 1, 1605.
The decision of trial of Anne and Brian was lost, but Anne likely received a royal pardon. Levak, Brian. "Possession, Witchcraft, and the Law in
Jacobean England." Washington and Lee Law Review. 52.5 (1996). Print.
Stefko, Jill. "Witch of Edmonton, England." Suite101. May
1, 2008. Web. 28 Oct 2012 <http://suite101.com/article/witch-of-edmonton-england-a52510> Witchcraft was thought to be related to demonic possession.
In it's most basic form, witchcraft was harmful or black magic.
Power and practicing Witchcraft in the 17th Century Had a very prominent role in the North Berwick Witches' Persecution.
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