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University of Cadiz. Library

University of Cadiz. Library

Jesus Fernandez-Garcia

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of University of Cadiz. Library

University of Cádiz Library
9 libraries
1 coordination unit
4 campus libraries
Presentation available


Recognised for Excellence 5 Stars
European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)
Technical Management of Information Resources
Universidad de Cádiz
Biblioteca Campus de Puerto Real
e-mail: jesus.fernandez@uca.es
Tlf: 956 01 63 04 / EXT. 6809
Jesús Fernández-García
Thanks for your attention!
Universidad de Cádiz
Cádiz Campus
Jerez Campus
Algeciras Campus
Puerto Real Campus
University Library
Cádiz, Puerto Real
+ 22.000 Students
+ 1.600 Teachers
+ 1.000 Administration Staff
Recognised for Excellence 5 Stars
European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)
Library basic data...
Some Pictures...
María-José Ruiz-Troncoso
Library Director
Universidad de Cádiz
Biblioteca Campus de Puerto Real
e-mail: mariajose.ruiz@uca.es
Tlf: 956 01 63 04 / EXT. 6175
4 university campuses:
76 library staff
+ 22.000 users
+ 200 computers
25.000 m. of bookshels
20.000 m2 of surface
100 databases
28.000 e-journals
1.000 paper journals
350.000 e-books
590.000 monographs
Collection basic data
…new services with new technologies
...transforming the library into a dynamic center.
...joining university services that facilitate learning
...new spaces and facilities
...new strategic organization: The user is the focus

CRAI = Centro de Recursos para el Aprendizaje y la Investigación
Learning Resources Centres (LRCs).
A new model of library (CRAI)
Borrow books, journals, multimedia, notepads, e-books…
Interlibrary Loan:
Request books located anywhere in Spain… or the world
CBUA Consortium:
Request documents located in other andalusian universities for Free
Ask for documents located in other UCA campus
This service allows us to take off some items from your library or:

Loan and document delivery
Library services
Recommended bibliography:
documents recommended by the teachers for the students

Bibliographic searches and alerting services
obtain custom and selective information about a topic.
Ask the librarian:
ask on-line for any kind of information, present consults or clarify doubts about the library services
On-line common
with access to e-resources
Information and reference
Learning and multimedia facilities

Spaces for the student social life

Discrete areas for different uses

Reading, study and workrooms:

Self-learning and training services

Complementary guides, handbooks and tutorials

Specific subject courses on demand

Basic or specialized courses
Users training: provide to the users enough autonomy on information search.

Users training and work spaces
The authors have the possibility to give the document a Creative Commons License, and indicate what uses are allowed in relation to their works.
Teachers and researchers.
Administrative staff
Students authors of academic papers (permission required)
For what

For who
Research results
(thesis, articles, preprints…).
Academic works
produced by students of the University at the end of their studies.
Teaching materials
(UCA journals, bibliographic heritage, institutional documentation)
Store, preserve and disseminate the scientific, educational and institutional documentation produced by the University of Cádiz.

Research and teaching repository
Research support services
Is aware of official calls for:
Gather resources to obtain evidence of the quality of publications (articles, journals or books)
Citation indexes
Impact factors
Databases that indexes the publications…
Evaluation of research activity
Accreditation for access to university teaching staff
Teacher evaluation for hiring
Evaluation of scientific activity
Information Literacy
Jerez, Algeciras
Puerto Real
Advice to researchers at the University of Cadiz participating in evaluation processes of their research
International Professional Exchanges
Università degli studi di Palermo
+ 700 laptops
Università degli Studi di Parma
University of Szczecin
Cork Institute of Technology
University of Vienna
And... welcome to our university!
University of Cadiz
Organized in:
Repositorio de Objetos de Docencia e Investigación
Repository for documents to Teaching and Research
Universidad de Monterrey, México
Istanbul Kültür University
University of Zielona Góra
Plan to promote books and reading
Short stories contest
Book launches
Storytelling with children
Web de la Biblioteca:






Technical Management of Information Resources
Universidad de Cádiz
Biblioteca Campus de Puerto Real
e-mail: juanantonio.dominguez@uca.es
Tlf: 956 01 63 04 / EXT. 6808
Juan Antonio Domínguez Guillén
Full transcript