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The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

No description

Sarah Dhanji

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

Cliffhanger Nicholas Benedict was nine years old and
was very smart (as smart as an adult or even
smarter). Nicholas had narcolepsy. Characters Violet was deaf and had two sisters and both of her parents.
Violet wanted to go to art school. Plot Clues There were many clues that lead them to different places.
1st Clue: Mr. Rothchild's Diary
2nd Clue: Newspaper Clippings
3rd Clue: Pebbletown Library Plaque Before John gets adopted, he tells Nicholas that Nicholas should share our clues with Mr. Collum so they can find the inheritance faster. Nicholas thinks about it while he is at the library in Pebbletown. A couple days pass after Nicholas gets back from the library. He knows what he is going to do. He was supposed to talk with Mr. Collum about how his trip to the library went. Nicholas is called into Mr. Collum's office. Nicholas takes a deep breath ,steps into his office without a grudge and closes the door behind him...... By: Trenton Lee Stewart
Prezi By:Sarah Dhanji The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict Mr. Collum was the director of the orphanage which was called the Manor. John Cole was an orphan who lost his parents a year and a half ago. He was sent to the Manor. He was also Nicholas's first friend. Setting The setting mainly takes place at the Rothchild's property (the house and the land beyond it). It occurs a little while back when people drove Studebaker station wagons. Nicholas Benedict is going to be in his third orphanage, The Manor, and he is very excited. Nicholas hated the last one he was in. When he gets to the Manor, he finds out soon that the Manor is going to close because the people do not have enough money to keep the Manor running. One day, Nicholas reads the newspaper only to find out about the missing inheritance of Mrs. Rothchild. He works with Violet and John to see if he can solve this mystery. Nicholas knows he is in a race with Mr. Collum to see who can find the treasure first and save this orphanage. Bibliography Stewart, Trenton Lee. The Extraordinary Education of Nichols Benedict. New York: 2012.
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