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career shadowing

No description

brittany williams

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

Lakeland traning center. 3period The Lakland CSI traning centers purpose is to protect the well being of that people of lakeland. In 15 years this company is most likely going to be the top or one of the top untins in the state they are already the top in the county. The empolyability skills needed for this job is to be ontime, wear your uniform,and to be honset. Some examples of the empolability skills needed are they have to show up to the secen on time because if you wait long enough then someone could have messed this the evidince or someone could have taking something. They all have to wear there uniform just like we do they do not wear dressy cloths like you see in CSI Miama. The last empolyability skill that they have to follow is to be honset because at wany given time they could lie about what they forund at the crime secen.
The only thing you need to start in this career is youe high school diploma. And the starting salary with no experience is $30,585at $15.00 an hour. After staying in that position for 5 years the salary is $36,326 at $18.00 an hour.
The technology used for this job is computers, cameras, cars. The systems that they use are mapping and Microsoft. You have to have good comunication skills. I would love to pursue a career in this company because, i loe working with people and dead body are amazing to look at because you could find anything there is to know about the person and even somethings you really did not need to know but hey the person is died he or she can not heklp it anymore. The thing that I liked about my day was that I got to learn what it would be like to be a crime secen agent. The thing that i disliked about my day was that is was not long enough i really enjoyed being there.
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