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Cold War Causes And Effects

No description

Vicky Barragan-Lopez

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Cold War Causes And Effects

CAUSES Cold War Causes & Effects CAUSE #2 Cause #3 Effect #3 Cause #4 Effect #2 Effect #1 The Allies didn't all agree with what should happen next with Eastern Europe. They all had different ideas . The Soviet Union wanted to be in control of the satellite states , while the other nations thought they should be free . Stalin wanted Germany to be a divided country, while the United States & Britain wanted a united Germany. At Potsdam, Stalin didn't want to give free elections, for Eastern Europe countries that were under Soviet Control. Truman believed that Stalin's goal was to overtake the world and to convert it all to Communism. The Western powers were afraid of Soviet expansion. The Soviet Union blockaded West Berlin, but after the
Western allies performed an airlift , the Soviet Union took the blockade down and West Berlin was then on its own. The United States helped Greece and Turkey, economically, so that they could fight against Communism. A policy known as the Truman Doctrine, promised
countries that the United States would help them if
they were struggling against Communism. CAUSE #1 EFFECTS & Effect #4 Western Europe nations and the United States get together and form the NATO, while the satellite states and the Soviet Union get together and make the Warsaw Pact.
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