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Patinet Journey with NETs

2nd World Congress GA68

Josh Mailman

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Patinet Journey with NETs

A long and windy road Journey of a Patient Advocate It all starts with a Diagnosis You have what ?

Finding resources .... the start of the journey Needing to find someone else like you... Finding help by accident... 1,000 uniques visits a month PRRTInfo.org most viewed articles Off to Germany The Top 15 Search Items
1 prrt 1254
2 bad berka 1051
3 patient 903
4 pet/ct 853
5 baum 801
6 treatment 783
7 information 740
8 neuroendocrine 726
9 nuclear 700
10 medicine 663
11 zentralklinik 646
12 gallium 638
13 scan 632
14 lu177 630
15 hotel 518
16 conference 515 Audio and Video Recordings From 1st World Congress How to contact the Clinic
Welcome to PRRTInfo.org
1st World Congress on Ga-68 and Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy
First World Congress of Ga-68 and PRRNT - an Overwhelming Success
Centers that offer PRRT
What are the Risk and Side Effects of PRRT
PRRT Results
How Does PRRT Work What is PRRT?
Who Should Consider PRRT
PRRT Background and Types
Restaging / Follow on Treatment There is more out there then just your oncologist

CNETs Conference 2007 - US Conference 2008 Encouragerd to explore Desire to know more and be comfortable with treatment path You take the train to where ? .. PRRTInfo.Org Launched 2 years ago as an answer to how to I do this How can I help..... My journey expands..... Off to Asia
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