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Lotto Network

No description

Mitch Richards

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Lotto Network

Marketing the online lottery
“The partnership has helped us step-change fan engagement with the Arsenal Foundation and dramatically raise supporter donations to our good causes… the unprecedented jackpot levels and simple online play only increase the appeal.”
Angus Kinnear
Marketing Director, Arsenal Football Club

Identifying trends:
we monitor visitor behaviour to determine important trends and report on campaign performance to optimise both future marketing and the lotto site itself.
With Arsenal, we noticed that new player acquisition varied greatly depending on the jackpot size...
The largest jackpot paid out to a single player
Every lottery has to complete a lengthy licence application and manage ongoing and time-consuming administration.
Jackpots are capped at £25,000 for small lotteries.
No rollovers, or only very small increases in prize money.
Start-up costs can often be prohibitive.
20p in every pound must go to good causes (cannot be averaged over the year).
Society lotteries cannot raise more than £10m per year.

Society lotteries:
How are we different?
Arsenal Football Club PLC is the fourth largest football club in the world, with over 10 million likes on Facebook, 1.8 million followers on twitter and a huge global fan-base.
They were looking for a way of raising more money for their charity, The Arsenal Foundation.
Arsenal sought a lotto-style product which would engage with their audience far more than just a standard lotto interface.
Case study:
Marketing Channels
"Our supporters don't care about jackpots" - fact or fiction?
Julian Morel, Lotto Network
What's next for Lotto Network?
Who are Lotto Network?
With Arsenal, we were able to promote Jackpot alerts, winners’ stories, and reactive campaigns across social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to drive lotto site traffic.
The Arsenal Lotto Product is based on the standard German 6/49 format in which players choose 6 numbers and a “star” ball.
However, instead of simply choosing the “star”, players are invited to choose 1 of 10 previous club legends.
If a player matches 6 balls and their chosen legend, they scoop the Jackpot (which can run into tens of millions).
As always, lotto Network funds all cash pay-outs, with the overall odds of winning a prize on The Arsenal Lotto are better than 1 in 10.
Lotto Network operates under our own licences, issued by the UK Gambling Commission.
Jackpots are uncapped.
Rollovers running into tens of millions of pounds.
No up-front or ongoing set-up fees.
Partners receive 26% of lotto revenue.
Revenue is uncapped.

We now work with 8 different sports clubs with many more launching this year.
Just like with Arsenal, these clubs are able to offer their supporters the chance to win life changing sums of money whilst supporting their teams charitable foundations, youth teams and funds for new players.
Helping all charities capitalise on online lotto for their supporters
Launching Q1 2014!
€200m +
paid out since 2009
€10m +
bets sold each and every month
registered customers across the network
Giochi24 Launched in Italy
Tipp24 floats on the Frankfurt Stock exchange
(SDAX since 2009)
MyLotto24 launched in the UK
Lotto Network launched internally
Tipp24 established in Germany
Ventura24 launched in Spain
>2.5m registered customers & annual revenue > €250m
Lotto Network available to external partners
Email Marketing
Email is an effective way to promote lotto and communicate key messages.
Lotto Network partner benefit from reactive campaigns and an intelligently-triggered automated email series.
The power of jackpots
when jackpots roll over and rise steadily, so do new player registrations.
With two draws a week and an average jackpot of over £7.5m, Arsenal were able to provide their audience with a prize really worth playing for.
Utilising the clubs own marketing channels, Arsenal were able to promote large jackpots to increase player revenue.
They saw a 52% week on week increase in site traffic resulting from news stories, Facebook posts and Tweets.
We proposed a tiered, multi-channel marketing strategy, triggered by jackpot size - the primary driver of new player acquisition.
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