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Los Desaparecidos

The Disappeared

Mr. Zaccarelli

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Los Desaparecidos

Los Desaparecidos
(The Disappeared)
La Guerra Sucia
1976 - 1984
State Terrorism
Catholic Church vs. the
People's Revolution Army
Chilean Political Climate
Proud Native population

Subjected to colonial rule by Spain

By the 1920s, gained freedom and democratic elections

Chilean people marked by horrific poverty and unequal distribution of wealth

Presidents repeatedly attempted social reform, but always failed

Until Allende
Salvador Allende
President from 1970 - 1973
Began successful reformation campaigns
Marxist alignment made him an enemy of the Catholic military
forces and United
States government
Military Coup Ended Allende's Reign on September 11, 1973
Allende's Military General, Pinochet Takes Power
Rule of Pinochet
Reign lasted Fourteen Years: 1973 -1987
Book Burnings
Communist supporters, like Victor Jara, housed in Concentration Camps in stadiums to be tortured and executed
Victor Jara
Professor, Theatre Director,
Voice of the Chilean People

Civil and Social Rights

Death became a national and
international symbol for
human rights and
universal justice
The Caravan of Death
The Disappeared
Home Invasions Kidnappings Hidden Bodies Swamps Mass Graves Cement Atlantic Ocean
The Separations
Pregnant Women
jailed until delivery

Mothers were
Children taken and given to Catholic families
The Search
Madres de la Plaza de Mayo
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