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User interface of web mapping portals

Usability testing of web mapping portals – practical experiences

Petr Voldán

on 11 December 2011

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Transcript of User interface of web mapping portals

What is usability testing?
Why do it?
Practical experiences Usability testing of web mapping portals CTU Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Mapping and Cartography Petr Voldán Usability testing Test of web mapping portals Practical experience Why Test? Ensure that product is easy to learn
People will be effective at what they want to do
Eliminating design problems
Finding functional bugs Introduction User arrives Tasks Debriefing Conclusion Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Questionare User departs Start Data Collection TEST DATA Measurement, Observing Qualitative method
Almost no statistics
Thinking Aloud
Make notes:
- mistakes
- errors
- citation "Testing one user is 100 percent
better than testing none." Observing Analysis Data
Notes Find participants
Create task scenario
Test equipment
30 - 60 min per user
> 6 users per test How conduct test Steave Krug Test of web mapping portals Czech office for surveying, mapping and cadastre Geoportal Advanced users, engineers, surveyors
5 participants Test setup Test goals Controlling the map window of homepage, switching maps
Controlling the internet shop Mapy.cz One of the greatest map portals in the Czech Republic
240 000 entries per day Test goals Wide range users - no surveyors
8 participants Test setup Geoportal Mapy.cz Controlling, moving map
Switching maps 50% users control map with mouse (drag & drop, scroll wheel) Controlling Controlling Click on the loupe button doesn't causes the zoom Current functionality: click on the loupe button only select a zoom function. Controlling What is this icon? "Invisible" move arrows red cross is not visible - users can't close the panel Controlling It was changed in the new version Search results Link search results with a map element Visibility of system status The system should always keep users informed about what is going on User citation: "Does it do anything?" ( When he clicked the zoom button) ? User citation: "Which is which" Tourist paths have been default disabled
User citation: "It looks different and better" (After user turned on the paths) System and the real world In this time are tourist path default enabled Beware of big zoom - the loss of orientation, context Search results zoom out Most queries in full-text searching are the address or cities
Elements on which the user knows that they are displayed on the basic map (restaurants, railway stations, bus stops) usually looking visualy on the map Searching 2.5.2010
Prague Thanks for your attention Searching
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