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Employee Guide to Acceptable Computer and Internet Usage

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on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of Employee Guide to Acceptable Computer and Internet Usage

Employee Guide to Acceptable Computer and Internet Usage
The Prince George County School System provides all teachers access to the Internet, an email account, and a computer system as a means to enhance instruction.
The purpose of the Acceptable Use Policy is to ensure that teachers recognize the limitations that the school system imposes on these resources.

Electronic mail is owned by the Prince George School System.

Email is not private electronic mail and may be monitored and accessed by the school system at any time.

Employees are held liable for the content of any electronic message that they create or send.

Common AUP Violations

Not following software license agreements
Creating and or possessing illegal downloaded pictures, movies, and audio files
Installing and using Shareware programs on school computers. These could include Napster, LiveWire, and Kazaam
Sending emails when angry
Emailing for a financial gain
Mass distribution of non-school related emails, i.e....Chain letters

Copyright laws vary depending on the educational use and based on the type of media—-music, video, printed material, illustrations, photographs, computer software, Internet or television.
Material doesn’t have to have a copyright symbol.
Fair Use may not apply or protect you.
All expression of ideas in a recorded format is considered to be copyrighted.
Copyright Advice
Watch for web pages that give permission for use.
Use royalty free or public domain sites for graphics, sounds, music, and video.
Purchase clipart, music, and sound software.
Only install software for which you own the license.
to steal and pass off something as your own; to use without crediting the source.
Why Do Students Plagiarize?
They think the Internet is public domain.
They don’t know any better.
It is easy to do and because they can.
What Can Teachers Do To Avoid Plagiarism?
Teach students about plagiarism.
Establish and enforce consequences.
Use in class writing assignments.
Identity Theft at School
Identity theft is on the increase in America. It could effect you in the following ways:
Changing of attendance
Changing of grades
Posting on a school website
Someone sending emails from your account
Deleting of your files

What can you do to protect yourself?
Avoid giving out your password.
Avoid leaving your computer logged in while you are away.
Avoid giving out your personal information.
Each employee shall abide by the Prince George County School System
Acceptable Use Policy.
Any violation of these regulations may result in loss of computer system privileges and may also result in appropriate disciplinary action, as determined by Prince George School board policy, or legal action.

For more information contact your
Instructional Technology
Resource Teacher

Laura Audino

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