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IDIO 50 Social Media Tactics for Marketers

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Daniel Shifflett

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of IDIO 50 Social Media Tactics for Marketers

SOCIAL MEDIA TACTICS FOR MARKETERS Build small, highly engaged communities where you can learn more about your audiences wants, need, and desires... This generally means that is more powerful that GLOBAL

And those customer service people in each business are more powerful than you are on their business's social media. Make sure they are hooked in and excited to participate too. Make sure you are set up to respond Currently:
• 7 hours is the average response time between customer posts and brand replies

• 51% of fans answer a Facebook wall question before the Brand • 77% prefer email for permission based promotional messaging... It’s #1 at driving purchases

• 66% have made purchases as a result of a marketing
message delivered via email Invest in a Social Media Dashboard Services Spredfast
Threadsy (Free)
Meltwater News
buffer oktopost.com
Bandwatch 1. “Promoted Tweets” is a new targeting tool allowing ads to be sorted into different categories of interest. Once an ad has been tagged
under a specific topic, it would crop up among the tweets of
users whose have indicated interest in the topic.

2. Use TweetBeep to send you emails of keywords you identify. If they mention your business, make sure you retweet it, so they know your
@ handle and get a 'follower' in the process.

3. Also monitor your organization's name on search.twitter.com

5. Make your tweets useful resources.

6. Interact with the people you follow who don't follow you to try and get a follow back.
Monitor brand related keywords on social networks to get to your target audience. This will help you engage!
Google Alerts
Social Mention
Summify Make sure you are promoting all your social media outlets on your email signature and business card. Know what motivates a person to "Like" a company, brand, or association on Facebook. 7. Know the reasons why a person will "Unlike" a brand on Facebook. It is recommended that your cover photo should be of your business in action, not an advertisement. 9. Befriend a Facebook guru to improve and enhance your profile.

10. Open up your Facebook page by allowing fans to post on wall updates, photos, videos and discussions. Integrate other channels
via Facebook Application Tabs 13. Use giveaway contests to garner new "Likes" on your page. Make your current fans publicly share the post and like your page to win 4. Create a custom Twitter background that
reflects your business’s brand How to Trend on Twitter

1: Start a creative meme that asks a question or poses a challenge

At least half of all of Twitter’s trending topics are memes that pose a question or challenge. It’s kind of like Jeopardy. Your tweet is the answer, and the hashtag is the question or challenge, which usually comes at the end of the tweet.

For a hashtag to act like a meme and successfully trend, then it has to give the tweeter an opportunity to do one or more of the following:
• Be funny.
• Tell a personal story.
• Express an opinion.
• Recommend something they like or don’t like

For example, here’s a list of some recently trending memes. I’ve appended each with the question or challenge they present:
• #failedmcdonaldsproducts – Be funny
• #100factsaboutme – Tell a personal story
• #moviesilove – Recommend something they like or don’t like
• #thatswhyyourmyex – Express an opinion/Be funny
• #iwasthekid – Tell a personal story
• #threewordstoliveby – Express an opinion
• #icantdateagirl – Express an opinion/Tell a personal story
• #thingsthedevilinvented – Be funny

A good creative meme challenges the user to try to outdo the responses of other tweeters. 2: Work a line at a big event
Whether it’s your conference or a hot concert, there are often big events where you’ll see people standing in line. These people are the most underutilized marketing force.

The advantage of approaching people waiting in line is they’re not distracted, they’re not working, they’re not rushing off to do something else, and they’re not being bombarded with a million other offers and opportunities. They’re bored. In fact, they’re extremely bored. And they’re looking for any excuse to do anything except sit there and collect dust.

3: Create a contest with a time limit

4: Give away a prize for the most retweeted tweet
Give away two prizes. One for your favorite (or lucky) tweet and one that gets the most retweets. Once again, they need to incorporate the hashtag. This will incentivize them to be really creative and get their friends to retweet.

5: Remind tweeters to ask their followers to “Please retweet”
Believe it or not, but two of the top five most common words that will get you a retweet are “Please retweet” or “Please RT.” In general, people who follow you like you, and they want to help you out.

6: Post ever-present signage at a live event

7: Display tweets at public event Publicly displayed tweets juice people to participate. There are tons of great services such as Twitterfall, Visible Tweets, TweetWall Pro, ParaTweet, and Stream Twitter that do a great job displaying tweets. You just queue up the hashtag, and the programs run by themselves. For people to participate, make sure your event has free and open Wi-Fi and decent cell reception.

8: Pre-write tweets for your audienceIf you just have an event hashtag, not a meme hashtag, help people participate by giving them something to retweet. At one event I produced for a client, I simply took notes of what people said during a panel discussion. Each note I took was posted as a bullet point and displayed on a screen above the stage. As I watched the Twitter stream, I saw that people were just copying what I wrote

9: Time your tweets for the most active tweetingIn most cases, it’s 4pm if you are looking only to get retweet from people in your timezone. But if you’re looking for maximum exposure across the U.S., you should make tweet pushes at 9am, 1pm, and 4pm Pacific Time

10: Pay for a Promoted TrendWeigh what it’s going to cost you to pull off these techniques. Is it worth it for you to jump through all these hoops, or would it be easier to simply be an advertiser of Twitter and purchase a promoted trend? The advantage is you don’t have to do all this legwork, and you’ll be placed at the top of the trending topics list. The disadvantage is if the idea is bad enough you’ll promote something that simply won’t trend even though you’re listed.Lastly, when you initiate a hashtag, make sure you go to the site “What the Trend?” and enter your hashtag along with the explaination

Monitor your city’s Twitter hashtag for relevant of information (#CHI #NYC #NASH)

Use Twitaholic.com to connect with the top 50 tweeters in your city

Use Twitter’s trending topics to reach a wider audience

Track the reach of your tweets with Tweet Reach

Save your tweets forever with Twapperkeeper.com

Analyze collected tweets with What the Trend (.com)

Organize a Tweetup

Use Twitpic, yFrog, or Whosay to share photos

Use short URL’s to track performance (bit.ly, tinyurl.com)

Use Twitalyzer.com to mashup Google Analytics with Twitter visitors.

Use third party application such as Tweetie, Twitterrific, and Feedalizr to send Twitter messages. I use Social Sprout, used to use Hootsuite. Facebook Ads:
Keep your ads social and entertaining. Your ads should be used to build relationships first.
You can ask for a like so they can get more of your interesting information. Once you’ve established enough rapport, it's then time to take it to a more involved relationship. Use status shuffle – an app on Facebook that helps you determine “filler” posts and tweets by category! Facebook apps that I like, you may like others for your businesses. 5 WAYS TO GET FOLLOWED ON TWITTER

1. Create a reason to be followed
Set up your account and start tweeting. Contribute something original, useful, funny or interesting to your ideal 'follower'. Most people will scan your profile before choosing to follow you, so make sure there's something there to interest them at first glance.

2. Search for people you already know
Use the search box at the top of your Twitter screen to search for people you already know. If you find them on Twitter, follow them! Look for authorities/leaders in your niche, blog authors you enjoy, people you connect with on other websites, etc. Twitter is a very social site and people you follow will often follow you too.

3. Put the word out!
Invite people to follow you on Twitter. Blog about it. Mention it in your newsletter. Put out a MySpace bulletin. Add a Twitter widget to your Facebook profile. Let people know about this cool new way to stay in touch with you!

4. Get involved in the current discussions
Reply to tweets you find interesting. If they reply to your response and a dialogue gets started, your twitter link will end up on their profile page. A person with a strong following, or even a smaller but targeted following, could end up sending you several new loyal followers.

5. Be consistent and let it grow naturally
Do the first four steps consistently, and you'll find that your Twitter following grows daily. Post a good mix of resources, humor & personality, news and updates throughout the week or even throughout the day.

Bonus Tip: Use your real name on your Twitter account - or the name people will most likely know you by online, such as a common username. This will help people find you easily when searching for you on Twitter or Google. "Fast. Cheap. Easy. This works great with hamburgers, but it doesn't work well with relationships that you hope to have lasting value. Social media is not a fast, cheap, or easy marketing solution. We are working on building long lasting relationship, and that is done with effort and over a long period of time. Loyalty isn't fast, cheap or easy. Valuable customers aren't fast, cheap or easy. Success doesn't come fast, cheap or easy. Invest your time not on a platform, rather on your buyer, Go where they are, learn about them, and let them know how valuable they are to you. The benefits over time will be lifelong and happy customers."

- Chris Brogan •Instagram users engage deeply....up to 25 percent for some brands

•Invite them to the party and give them opportunities to interact with you. They will.

•It's fun to show followers behind-the-scenes peeks and other exclusive content.

•Correctly use #hashtags to help users discover your content.

•Integrate with other social media channels as much as possible.

•Instagram users engage deeply, so turn to your audience for creative ideas.

•Most importantly, if you aren't already, get on Instagram!

•Always remember... A picture is worth a thousand words... •How do you get a million people to like your Facebook page?

You ask them to like a concept in life
rather than your business.

"Turning your pillow over to the cold side." You should make Cold Calls on Social Media:

1. Find out who your competitor is and who their customers are on twitter. Start collecting these people, and commenting or "favorite"ing their tweets. They will begin to engage with you and and begin to follow you back.

2. If they pose a question to the world about your competitor's product ANSWER them. It raises your exposure level to the public.

You could go so far as to make a quick YouTube video that answers their question and send it to them personally. This will usurp their relationship with your competitor. Soon people will assume that you are the authority and will start coming to you. Good! The number of "followers" you have does not
make you better than anyone else.
Hitler had millions,
Jesus had 12. We all like instant gratification!

Find a Facebook fan page that is no longer being used that already has a tons of fans and strike a deal to become an administrator on the site! You can also pin that post to the top of the page Optimize your Business Profile for SEO. Make sure you are using target keywords in your business description.

And, don’t forget to write a short, one-line description that appears under your name in your profile. This is essentially your page’s meta description and appears whenever someone mouses over your business name in their Google Plus feed. As Marketers we need to take a second look
at Google Plus

There are 250 Million Google Pus Accounts, 150 Million active users and 75 Million signing on daily!

69.4% of Google Plus users are male.

Most Google plus users are on mobile - more than on desk top One advantage to Google Plus that you don’t get on Facebook or Twitter is the ability to edit a post that you’ve already shared. Accidentally misspell a word or include the wrong stat? No problem – you can easily fix it with the “Edit” option on the right side of your post. This is also a great feature if you want to add additional content to an existing post. Then, once you save your changes, they will automatically show up on your original post that you’ve shared with your circles. There are not a lot of analytics for googleplus pages right now.

You can use Hootsuite to manage Google Plus

http://www.google.com/+/business Using google plus and having posts and shares on google plus will give you more leads and authority.

You get better rankings! It was built for search and does a much better job of that.

Take advantage of the early users advantage. Start building your audiences now! Instagram now has 100 Million viewers.
•27% of people aged 18-29

•40% of the top brands are already on Instagram

•Upload interesting photographs

•Make sure you tag your photo correctly for SEO

•Add location tagging

•Top brands on instagram Starbucks, Victoria Secret

•Statigram and alerti are two places that analyze what you are doing on Instagram.

Add pictures of your clients as a “thank you” board.

Start a board devoted to your area – landmarks, leaders, news, whatever, but be specific.

Post pictures of your team, your office, your messy desk, your coffee maker, etc.

Post something of very specific interest

Tell your own story – post photos of you as a baby all the way up to today.

Post pictures of ideas on how to use your product or services.

Publish pictures from your blog, but don’t overdo it. Ask a question or publish a board to solve a problem.

Note that silly is good, it is a laid back group of users. Facebook now offers Foursquare-type offers. How to earn influence on Pinterest: Pinterest isn’t just limited to photos. You can pin videos too! You can obtain more YouTube engagement with Pintrest!

If you want to monitor who has pinned content from your website onto Pinterest, use this link format:

Use Pintrest plug-in For Wordpress: Go to

To get Pin it buttons, follow buttons for websites, Pin it buttons for website, and codes go to

Use boards to emphasize what your brand represents. For example, you might have a board featuring favorite charitable causes or one featuring articles on recycling.

Make sure you aren’t infringing on copyrights. Pinterest is facing some legal trouble due to concerns about copyright infringement and photos being shared illegally.

Never add a photo to your website without having permission to do so. Just because a photo is available on Google, it does not mean you have the right to use it for
commercial purposes. To be safe, invest in a royalty-free image service such as Stock Exchange .

A great Pinterest research tool can be found at

Always remember your audience. They are mostly well-educated females that are spending time looking for great new content and things to discover. www.pinterest.com/source/your website.com. www.wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pinterest-pin-it-button www.pinterest.com/about/goodies/#pinmarklet www.sxc.hu www.pinterest.com/pinterestbiz Things to know about Pinterest Google unveiled its Google Images reverse-image search in June 2011. Breaking News....

Specific Media, the online advertising company, bought MySpace for $35m and says it is now rebuilding the online portal “from scratch”.

The website will now link to rival social networks such as Facebook. MySpace will also draw on its heritage as a forum for new bands to build their fan base by positioning it as a platform for sharing music.

Users will also be able to pair playlists of songs with photographs, creating virtual scrapbooks, and will be invited to sample the music that other MySpace members are listening to most... 1. Use a suitable video filename

2. Put your keywords first

3. Include keywords in your video voiceover

4. Upload a transcript file for video captioning

5. Build an authoritative YouTube channel

6. Upload videos regularly

7. Respond to comments on your videos

8. Create and use playlists

9. Encourage other social signals

10. Encourage off-site backlinks to your videos The name of your video file should reflect the topic of the video itself.
So, if you’re uploading an infomovie about dog training, your video’s file name should be something like “dog-training.mov” Put your main keyword first in the video’s title, description, and tags. Your brand name or website’s name can be included at the end of the title, but put your topic keywords up front.
The title should, of course, be compelling and entice users to click on it. When you’re creating an infomovie, you’ll likely include a script from which the video’s voiceover was made.

This script is nothing but an article with small modifications to make is suitable as a voiceover for a video. And, just like a search-optmized text article, your video script should include the main keywords for your topic. YouTube also gives us the option to upload transcript files for our videos. It has been confirmed through experiments that YouTube indexes the captions file of a YouTube video, and uses this information to help determine the video’s keyword relevancy. If you are uploading your video to a brand new channel, your videos may not have a good ranking to start with. However if you have an established channel with lots of videos and subscribers, your videos will rank more highly in the search results as competition grows. If you upload a bunch of videos to a channel and never touch it for years, then those videos may not have as much SEO power as the videos in the channel which are updated regularly.
This is just like blogging—if a blog is not updated for a long time then it will lose its rankings in Google. YouTube tells us to “Respond to comments in the first few hours after you publish a video. These first viewers are your core audience and building comments early helps increase the video’s ranking in search.” YouTube has a feature called Playlists that allows users to group videos spread across YouTube into a single list or collection. If your video is added to a Playlist, it can increase the SEO power of your video. In a similar vein, your video’s search rank will benefit the more comments, favorites, likes, and video responses it receives. To attract these social signals, you’ll need to create a high-quality video and ask people to take those actions on it.
Per YouTube regulations, do not incentivize users to like or comment on your video. Just like any web page, backlinks from other sites will help your videos to rank better in YouTube search. Submit your video URL to social bookmarking sites, blog about it, and share it on your Twitter and Facebook profiles. The more backlinks you can get for your videos, the better. SEO on YouTube... yes, it exists... Provide Social Media Policies for your clients.

You can get ideas to help you develop policies at
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