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Chile 2010 earthquake

No description

Saskia Frank

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Chile 2010 earthquake

CHILE 2010
The Earthquake
8.9 on the Richter Scale
11 aftershocks (highest 6.9)
Seismic waves were felt 600km away
Epicenter 115km from Concepcion
1.9m surge hit Valparaiso
Biggest earthquake in Chile in 50 years
Shortened the day by a milisecond
The Earthquake: quick facts
Readiness of the Country
Result of the fault between Nazca and South American Plates (forced the Nazca plate under)
São Paolo, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina both felt the shocks
Seismic waves were felt 600km away from Concepcion
Where and Why
Chile, -->
South America
Primary Impacts
Death toll: 800 (estimated)
--> 150 from tsunami and estimated 300 by looters
Homeless: more than 2 million
Nearly 400000 homes damaged
Week-long power-cuts in Santiago

Reinforced Concrete
Columns have steel
- Ceiling breaks near edge
-less energy to break building
-Building stays standing
Chile builds buildings to withstand earthquakes
Drills in schools
Warning systems
Secondary Effects
1 year later people still homeless
74% of 222 000 home rebuilding projects completed by July 2013
→ rest were finished in 2014
highways/airports largely finished with repairs
Copper production stopped at several mines
Winter coming
90 seconds long
Tsunami warnings issued for Costa Rica, Peru, Chile and Antarctica
1/2 hour between earthquake and tsunami
3:34 am
4:35 tsunami warnings issued
President Michele Bachelet declared it a "state of catastrophe".
27 February 2010
Concepcion -->
(Chile's 2nd biggest city)
Chilean Red Cross
Red Crescent
President sent free food and blankets
Chile turned down help from the American Red Cross
Local help had food and water containers for people affected
Help Sent
Chile - MEDC
Haiti - LEDC
Many more deaths
Not enough money for damage repair
No fresh food/ water
7.0 on Richter Scale
3,500,000 affected
220, 000 died
300, 000+ injured
80% of schools damaged
25% civil servants in area died
Advanced architecture
Fresh food and water sent
8.9 on Richter Scale
700+ died
Help sent quickly
74% of rebuilding projects
finished by 2011
Area badly damaged fixed
by 2011
Though worse earthquake, fewer casualties
Inter Press Service
Tsunami warnings improved
Alarm raising
Seismometer system collapsed
--> needed fixing
114 schools in flood-prone areas were better trained
Monitoring systems improved
7 million dollars put into seismologic centre improvement
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