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Ender's Game

No description

alia campbell

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game

Ender's Game
Written by: Orson Scott Card
Presentation by: Alia Campbell

Upon finishing school, Orson opened a theater company. His company lasted for two years before it closed due to debt. After his company closed, Orson dated Kristen Allen. Three years later they got married. Together they had five kids, but unfortunately Erin, the fifth child, died at birth, and Charles, the third child, died of cerebal palsy after his 17th birthday. During their marriage, Orson moved the family all over Utah, and eventually they ended up back in Orem, Utah. He became a full time writer, and got his masters in English in 1981. Later that year, Orson moved the family again, this time to South Bend, Indiana, to work at Notre Dame. He worked there until the recession of the early 80's.
Orson Scott Card was born in Richland, Washington, in 1951. soon after he was born, his family moved to San Mateo, California and then again to Salt Lake City.
As a young boy, he spent most of his time at the library, reading books from both the children's and adult section. All this reading lead him to the fairly new genra of science fiction.
Orson Scott Card
In 1964, Willard Card took a position at Arizona state, moving the family to Mesa, Arizona. Orson enrolled in high school and became involved in politics and music. Orson played a number of musical instruments, including the french horn. He also read many books. When Orson was 16, his father again moved the family after receiving a faculty position at Brigam Young University in Orem, Utah.
Orson graduated high school a year early and enrolled at BYU. Originally, Orson thought that he wanted to get his degree in archaeology, but then decided he wanted to get his degree in theater. Orson started his writing carrier with live theater. Just before finishing college, Orson decided to go on his Mormon mission for two years in Brazil. After coming home, Orson earned his bachelor's degree in theater.
After leaving Notre Dame, Orson moved to Greensborow, North Carolina, seeking a job at Compute magazine. He worked there for nine months. Orson and Kristen had three more children, unfortunately two of the three died. Orson still lives there today. He writes books and has a column with the Rhinoceros Times.
Ender Wiggin is a strong willed boy. He's smart and timid. He doesn't always want to be the leader of a group. He's small for his age, but he makes up for it with his intelligence. He constantly compares himself to his older brother Peter. Ender thinks that he is as cruel and ruthless as Peter but he's not.
Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin
Ender only cares about one person in his life: his sister Valentine. She's the only person he turns to for help in times of troubl. At the battle school, the only thing that keeps Ender from going insane is the thought of his sister's love. Ender is a perfect combination of both of his siblings. He's ruthless like Peter, but smart and loving like Valentine.
Valentine is a smart girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. She's loving, patient, and the mentor of the book. Whenever Ender is faced with a big decision, he thinks of Valentine and what she would want him to do.
Peter Wiggin is brilliant, though his evil side is ruthless and cruel. He knows what he wants and will use force to get it. Peter knows how to manipulate people to do his bidding. He's someone that once you cross his path, you should pray that he doesn't need your help for anything.
Peter Wiggin
Ender is an outcast by his peers because he's the third child in a world where people are only allowed to have two children. Because Ender is a special boy, with intelligence and patience, the government placed a tracking monitor in his neck to see how he thinks and reacts. They study him to see if he's smart enough to be part of the special battle school, whose mission is to protect the earth.
Ender passes the goverment's test and is given a choice. Stay at home with his family and face his brother Peter, who has threatened to kill him, or go to battle school and protect his planet from the Buggers. Ender chooses to go to battle school, but his choice came with a high price. He is not allowed to visit his family, or make friends. Ender is faced with challenges he couldn't imagine, but how long can he stay sane with no one to rely on?
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