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Borst Landscape & Design Presentation

Committed to being the best, naturally.

Matt Smith

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Borst Landscape & Design Presentation

Let us design
your dream garden
& Build
We can make your
dreams a reality
Working in harmony
with nature for an
amazing looking lawn
Garden Maintenance
Our premiere Garden Design and Maintenance team can provide stunning annual and perennial gardens that burst with color and texture. Our designers work closely with each client to create beautiful window boxes, seasonal displays and potted arrangements that will blend with your homes’ overall landscape and personality.
• Creative Annual and Perennial Garden Design
• Container and Window-Box Plantings
• Bulb Plantings
• Garden Renovations
• Fall Displays and Plantings
• Holiday Lighting and Decorating
• Spring Garden Clean-up and Fall Cut-back
• Prune and Deadhead Annuals and Perennials
• Weed and Cultivate Beds
• Fertilize Annuals and Perennials
• Disease and Insect Control
Borst Landscape & Design has long been in the forefront as advocates for an organic, sustainable approach to lawn, tree and shrub care, offering the most environmentally sensitive treatment options available.
Find out how we’re leading the way in organic lawn, tree and shrub care.
The process of transforming your property into the landscape of your dreams begins with a detailed consultation with one of our skilled designers who will bring your project to life using our
state-of-the-art Autocad and 3-D imaging systems. When your design is complete, our landscape crews begin by carefully performing any necessary site preparation, which includes addressing any grading or drainage issues that need correction.
Founder and President, Mark C. Borst, established the business in Wyckoff in 1989 on a part-time basis while earning his degrees in Landscape Architecture and Ornamental Horticulture.

Borst Landscape & Design became a full-time operation in 1993, and in 1995 the Organic program was introduced, providing a complete lawn care program for his clients.

As the client base expanded so did Mark’s vision to provide his clients with a full-service landscape company. With the introduction of the tree and shrub program and the continued growth of the design/build division, a new facility was purchased in Allendale, New Jersey in the fall of 2002. With the continued growth of landscape services and the introduction of Borst Organic “The Science of Nature” in 2007, Borst Landscape & Design has become one of the leading full-service companies in northern New Jersey.
Garden Design Services include:
Complete Annual and
Perennial Maintenance includes:
Design & Build
Next, the "Hardscape" elements of the design are installed. This may start with the construction of wet or dry laid stone walls, followed by the installation of patios or walkways, which can be constructed from a wide variety of materials.
Finally, our planting crews will arrive to complete your project. This can range from the installation of a privacy hedge to a foundation planting, or may involve a full site renovation including perennial gardens and lawn renovation.
Borst Organic® is a custom blended organic fertilization product. Formulated to work in concert with nature’s own system of “checks
and balances;” it is better for your landscape...and better for you,
your family and your pets. Borst is proud to offer its organic
approach to lawn and landscape care.

Borst Organic® is a private label line of organic landscape products.
Borst has been proudly offering its organic approach to lawn and landscape care for more than 18 years.
Overuse of chemical pesticides is a concern to all of us. At Borst we constantly strive to provide our clients with the best possible health care for their valued landscape investments.
Borst Landscape & Design
260 W. Crescent Ave.
Allendale, NJ 07401
(201) 785-9400
Contact Us:
For more information or to
view our gallery of images
please visit our web site at
While conventional lawn chemicals can pollute the water, harm wildlife and have harmful effects on humans and pets, our organics program is designed to be safe and effective. Did you know that by using pesticides to tackle weeds and pests, you can actually damage your lawn? They kill good organisms that help produce the nutrients plants need to grow, weakening the grass, fostering thatch, and encouraging diseases.

More than 80% of Borst’s residential customers ask for organic solutions to their lawn care. By using Borst Organics® and a more natural approach that works with nature, we are able to meet the growing customer demand for “green” landscape management.
Keep your investment
looking perfect all year
Our weekly landscape maintenance clients enjoy the benefits of our well-structured and professionally-managed lawn and grounds services. Our weekly service crews are responsible for spring and fall cleanups, lawn cutting, edging, weeding and cleaning of all hard surfaces.
The Premier Landscape
Maintenance Company
Our enhancement crews back up our
weekly service crews, performing related services outside the scope of weekly maintenance. Their responsibilities include small plantings, lawn renovations, pruning ornamental trees/shrubs and mulching.
In a collaborative effort to provide the ultimate service, all of our crews will leave a copy of a service report on premise. Throughout the year, site inspections are performed to ensure that your property looks its very best and to advise clients of any special concerns.
Residential Landscape
Maintenance Program

Consecutive winner of the
NJLCA Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance award.

We operate with highly-specialized crews
to maximize the efficiency of the work performed and deliver a superior landscape.
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