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Crooks and Criminals

Methodology V

Rini Slootweg

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Crooks and Criminals

Crooks and Criminals Maya Vonsee, Inge Zwierink, Rini Slootweg Who? 3 VMBO Kader and their enthusiastic teachers Why? It is appealing for both boys and girls
It has limitless possibilities for tasks, exercises and assignments.
It is age appropriate. What? At the end of the curriculum the students have achieved:
- A portfolio containing all the tasks, assignments and exercises they have produced while working on this curriculum.
- A presentation about a notorious criminal. Will be graded with a rubric Week 1
- Watching introduction clip.
- Reading text on Virginia Tech Massacre Week 2
- Doing an interview.
- Preparing a rap.
- Working on verb tenses. Week 3
- Writing a diary entry as if you were in jail.
- Searching the internet for interesting stories.
- Writing a letter to a convict, using letter conventions. Week 4
- Acting out a role play.
- Reading "Lost in London". Week 5
- Watching "Locked up Abroad" and doing a cloze text.
- Watching a movie and writing a review about it. Week 6
- Group presentations and finishing the folder. The website: http://crookscriminals.weebly.com/ Questions?
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