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Women's Fashion During The Civil War

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Deanna Deloach

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Women's Fashion During The Civil War

Women's Fashion During The Civil War

Watch, Listen & Learn!
As you should know already, women during the civil war wore dress of many layers but - how many different dress did these gals' wear? Lets find out !
What... was under these dresses?
During the Civil War Era, women wore about seven layers under their dresses everyday.
The women wore those fashionable 7 layers of clothing everyday during the Civil War Era from the years 1861 to 1865!

Women during the Civil War Era, were dressed up from the morning to night, So they wore there dresses everywhere!
Even the lower class woman who couldn't afford hoop skirts, wore there dress at all times, no matter where they went.
Why was this an important aspect of the Civil War?
Just like today — clothing played a very big role during the Civil War.
Rich women often changed into serveral different dresses, as learned in the video, while poor women wore about three . Fashion was also important, because if it wasn't for different type of uniforms, often soldiers could mistake their people for the opposing side!
Deanna Deloach
Kenyetta Stephens

Layer 1: Bloomers/pantalets
Layer 2: Chemise
Layer 3: Corsets
Layer 4: Corset cover or camisole
Layer 5: Under petticoat
Layer 6: The hoop skirt
Layer 7: The over petticoats
*Then, finally the blouse or bodice and the actual skirt!

Women's Shoes!
There were about three main types of footwear during this period that women would wear.

The first pair was everyday boots, without much heel.

The second type of footwear was the "granny" boot, which became the "everyday" boot during the Victorian and Edwardian period.

The third type of footwear was the slipper.
Hair, Make Up, & Other things!
A fine lady never painted her face (wore make up). Sometimes women would carry smelling salts incase she fainted.

Women had an obsession about hair being covered or worn up, and they were very careful about touching each others dresses, hair, or each other period! (Hence the gloves!)

The hair could be clipped from the head, but many ladies had a hair receiver on their dresser and emptied their brush into it.


Civil War Women's Fashion
During the Civil War, starting from age 12 girls begin to wear fashionable dresses. From age 12, into a teenager, followed by adult years, the dresses became bigger and prettier, and added more and more layers underneath them.
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