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Jet Blue

No description

emre cetin

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Jet Blue

1. Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that JetBlue customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts. What are the implications of each for JetBlue’s practices?

* Food
* To sit
* Security

2. Describe in detail all the facets of JetBlue’s product. What is
being exchanged in a JetBlue transaction?

Jet Blue airline start as a very small company, but with a clear and firm strategy to follow and we could see that in their slogan “Delighting costumers through happy jetting” which show us that for them everything is about make costumers satisfaction. They implement a lot of things that others airlines does not have, such as: They implement a 3 inches more in every sit, so now people are able to stretch and cross their legs. Also for they more exigent costumers they have implemented a legroom. They offer variety of beverages and snacks all free.
3. Which of the five marketing management concepts best
applies to JetBlue?

The Marketing concept is the one management concepts that best applies to

Jetblue because that attitude that “the costumer is king” can be seen very

easily in this company. The fact Jetblue offers more quality comfort than their

competing rivals ensures they know that their success as a company is

completely related to the love they receive from their costumers and how loyal

that love proves to be.
Jet Blue Company Case


* Coffee juices and snacks.
* Comfortable sit
* Entertainment
* Variety of channels
* Nice and confortable terminal with more security lanes.
* Free Wi-Fi


* Legroom and flatter recline position
* Dunkin Donuts coffee
* Leather sits
* LCD entertainment system
* Latest movies and favorite TV show for just $6 dollars. * A terminal with excellent restaurants and stores
* Children’s play zone.
* Work place.

4. What value does JetBlue create for its customers?
5. Is JetBlue likely to continue being successful in building
customer relationships? Why or why not?
Yes, because Jetblue has demonstrated that it is committed to maintaining its reputation for high levels of customer satisfaction. A recent North American Airline Satisfaction Study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates again ranked Jetblue, along with Alaska Airlines, as enjoying the highest levels of customer satisfaction throughout the commercial airline industry. Some airline industry analysts have speculated that other, larger airlines are beginning to adopt Jetblue's model of customer relations in a way of building more positive image among the traveling public.
Jet Blue has demonstrated that they are very focus in every costumers needs, wants and demands. Doing all of those practices they are very happy because they have got loyal costumers that even with the Valentine’s Day nightmare, still there. I think that customer’s loyalty have been the best implication that Jet blue has received, due to all their focusing in customer satisfaction, without this Jet Blue may not be alive nowadays.
People can’t stop talking about the experience
because they have to express their surprise, especially
given the “value” price. They are so used to airline travel being
poor, late, or uncomfortable these days that cases
where a company seems to care and provide good service
seems noteworthy. Satisfaction itself is unexpected.
In ten short years, JetBlue has proven that an airline can deliver
low fares, excellent service, and steady profits. It has shown that
even in the airline business, a powerful brand can be built. Few
other airlines have been able to write this story
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