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January Monthly Reflection

8th Grade Project

Jennifer T

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of January Monthly Reflection

January Monthly Reflection
This month, my mentor and I were able to meet two times. We talked about what to do next since I already finished what I wanted to do last month. I told her that I plan on playing s song called, "Crystallize" by Lindsey Stirling. I discovered her when I watched America's Got Talent. I was 10 years old back then. The judges criticized her that she wasn't that good, but now, she is very famous. Right now, I'm doing the song by ear and writing it down on a piece of paper. I almost have half of it finished already, and I'm still practicing to get the faster parts down. Originally, my goal for the 8th grade project was to get down vibrato, shifting, and memorizing songs. Since I'm more ahead than I thought, I decided to do this song by ear. This means that you try to figure out the notes by
listening to what it sounds like without actually
having the sheet music. Ms. Espey told me that I
was able to finish a lot of things.
Progress This Month
This month, I was able to practice shifting more on fifth position and started my sixth position as well. I'm also trying to bow close to the bridge ever time I shift so that the violin can have a better sound with the high notes. I worked more "Crystallize," by Lindsey Stirling. At first I didn't play the fast little 32nd notes, but it will be a cool effect once I get it down. I have it memorized too. Darrien, Deirdre, and I plan to play "River Flows in You," at our next orchestra concert. We usually practice once or twice a week. My vibrato is starting to sound better and I'm now getting used to the motion. I have been working on double stops that require you to hold down two notes instead of one. It has been a challenge for me because when I play the lower string, I keep on playing it to
high because I'm not used to thinking about the
distance between the strings and the distance
between the fingers as well. I think
that I was capable of progressing
tremendously this month.
Goals For Next Month
Next month, I plan to practice more on my vibrato again. Otherwise, I might forget the motion and lose my vibrato. This
has happened to people before, and I don't want to start all over from the beginning. Ms. Rino told me that I have to keep doing my vibrato exercises for another year to make sure that I can keep my vibrato for the rest of my life. I'm going to shift again because there are still a lot of positions. I also plan to work more on harmonics and double stops. I've been using a book called, "Melodious Double Stops," by Josephine Trott. This is because I just started working in this book and I haven't become that familiar with it yet. I can play two double stops at once, but I'm not able to connect all the notes very well yet. Last of all, I want to memorize Vivaldi's Third movement. Then, I can use this song for my audition
to get in the top orchestra in high school.
This is a short video of Deirdre, Darrien, and I playing Canon in D at the orchestra concert.
This might be quiet, so please turn up the volume if possible. The play button will show up after you place your mouse over the video.
Works Cited
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Here is a video of me playing part of Crystallize for the first time.
This is me playing part of Crystallize after practicing. (The play button is upside down.)
This is the official music video by Lindsey Stirling.
Warning: Videos may take some time to load. Please be patient. Thank you!
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