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Child Development

No description

louise perkins

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Child Development

Year 3
Child Development
Year 4
Year 5
Branston Junior Academy
Staff at Branston Junior Academy have spent time researching the stages of child development to ensure that we are meeting the needs of pupils at different stages in their development. We strive to support and extend pupils to allow them to reach their full potential. We also feel it is crucial that all staff members are aware of these stages to ensure a sense of understanding.
Physical/ Motor
Kick a football (6m)
Throw and catch ball accurately
Balance on 1 foot (3secs)
Dress/ undress without help
Bounce and catch a small ball (4-6 times)
Ties own shoelaces
Uses a knife and fork correctly
Cuts well with scissors
Has awareness of direction/ distance
Improved hand eye co-ordination
Starts tasks but normal not to finish them
Can distinguish between real life and made up
Can see other people's perspectives
Understands rules of a game
Attention span of approx 20 mins
Can tell time with ease
Understands the difference between right and wrong
Can follow 3 separate instructions in a command
Social/ Emotional
Has social empathy with others
Undertakes in imaginative play
Can be selfish
Can be overly competitive
Finds dealing with negativity difficult
Language/ Communication
Can talk fluently on a chosen subject
Can frame a full sentence and a question
Aware of tense, person and slang
Can follow 3 consecutive instructions
Can pretend through role play and drama
Physical/ Motor
Needs to be physically active everyday
Can use a ruler accurately
Still has attention span of about 20 minutes
Begins to feel confident in skills
Shows preferences for activities and subjects
Thinking is organised and logical
Can make comparisons between objects/ images/ events
Understands opposites
Able to read aloud with expression and confidence
Able to use words specifically and discuss them in detail
Can follow on from another pupil's ideas
Social/ Emotional
Makes friends easily
Finds sharing friends easily
More influenced by peer pressure
In need of reassurance
Developing individual characteristics
Enjoys school
Possessive of objects
Physical/ Motor
Use a computer keyboard
Continues to be physically active on a daily basis
May use physical complaints to avoid unpleasant tasks
Enjoys writing stories
Langauge/ Communication
Can fluently converse using complex sentences
Reads aloud controlling expression, rate, pitch and volume
Can follow a series of commands
Secure understanding of tense, person and vocabulary choices
Can improvise around a theme
Social/ Emotional
Critical of self and others
Responsible and dependable
Often asks if something is fair
Year 6
Physical/ Motor
Interested in own strength- boys enjoy wrestling
Has both skill and stamina for gross motor activity
Draw with great detail
Uses tools (eg hammers) fairly well
Develops a conscience but not always able to tell right from wrong
Has a strong desire to complete tasks
Keeps train of thought and can continue work even after interruption
Aware of time but needs help to plan time in a practical way
Can work independently doing homework
Language/ Communication
Discuss ideas with other pupils (not just friends)
Presents within a group with confidence
Responds positively to critique
Asks appropriate questions
Has a knowledge of tone and register
Listens well to others and know when to contribute
Takes risks through improvisation and interactive role place

Social/ Emotional
Egocentric- I'm right you're wrong attitude
Enjoys socialising with friends
Respectful and loving relationship with parents
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