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The Murder of Warren Danzig

No description

Jaime Gurrola

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The Murder of Warren Danzig

Jamie Saffran
Age 51
Lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Alleged murderer of Warren Danzig
Took Danzig's credit card
Warren Danzig (F. I. P.)
Supposedly last seen by Jamie on October 31, 2010
November 6: a container was found in a canal, which contains the dismembered arms and legs of Danzig encased in cement
November 13: the head and a hand were found in a bucket, along with some blue rope, at an auto supply store
Late November: the torso was discovered by two fishermen in Miami-Dade County
November 26: remaining parts found behind a middle school in Northwest Miami-Dade
All body parts were found with some plant matter
Search/Flower Hunting
Police issued a search warrant on Jamie and found
cement bags
a shovel
blue rope
sharp tools
All the tools were tested for blood
Police also noticed the plants that grew outside Jamie's home were of the same species found on the body parts
Calling an Expert
Police enlisted the help of John Pipoly from the University of Florida in Davie
With his help, police were able to identify the pollen to two plants: an umbrella tree and a chinese privet (Both of which are found in Jamie's yard)
This information, along with the tools tested positive for blood, police were able to arrest Jamie Saffran

Umbrella Tree
Chinese Privet
An invasive bush originating from China, Taiwan and Vietnam
An evergreen tree with red spiked flowers that grow in mild climates
Horticulture: a scientific study of plant cultivation for human use for business and technology
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