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Battle of Dunkirk

No description

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Battle of Dunkirk

The Battle of Dunkirk

The Battle of Dunkirk
1940 Friday May 31st
Over 150,000 ( including some 15,000 French) soldiers arrive in Britain
Germany used tanks to surround Dunkirk
The allies could just escape over the sea
Bomb attacks of the "Luftwaffe"
The harbor and city became artillery fire
What were the casualties?
-4,500 allied soldiers died who still have no known grave
-68,111 were killed wounded and captured
-243 ships were destroyed ( 9 destroyers)
*destroyer were the heaviest surface combat ships they were expensive.
-106 air crafts were ruined
2,472 field guns were damaged
63,879 vehicles could no longer be used
100 tanks were destroyed
and 500,000 tons of other supplies were lost
Evacuation of Dunkirk Timeline
1940 Monday May 20th
Sensing a catastrophic loss in the making, Winston Churchill orders preparation of vessel to evacuate the british Expeditionary forces from northern france
1940 Sunday May 26th
Hitler Orders his at forces toward Dunkirk for the doable blow to the allied cause.
Operation Dynamo the all out evacuation of aloes forces from Dunkirk officially begins at 6:57 PM
Over 850 British civilian vessels take part in assisting military forces off of French soil to awaiting transports in what would become the largest military evacuation in history
Maxime Weygand French Military
commander in WW2)
Ewald Von Kleist
(German Field Marshal in
When the battle occurred...
May 26th - June 5th 1940

Who fought...
Canada, Britian, France and Belgium were the allies at war with Nazi Germany.
Where the battle occurred...
Dunkirk, France
1940 Friday May 24th
Hitler orders his forces not to cross the Lens Bethune St Omer Gravelines line, allowing the retreating allied forces more time to reach the French coast

German Luftwaffe bombers et allied defensive positions in and around the French port city of Dunkirk
1940 Tuesday June 4th
German Luftwaffe bombers cease bombardment of Dunkirk

Operation Dynamo the evacuation of allies forces at Dunkirk officially ends. 338,326 total soldiers are saved including 113,000 French troops
1940 Saturday May 25th
The German army takes Boulogne

More and more retreating allied units arrive at the French port city of Dunkirk
1940 Tuesday May 28th
With the fight gone out of them the Belgian Army surrenders to the German 6th and 18th armies. Their actions however supply the evacuating Allies with much time needed time
Belgium falls to Germany in jump 18 day
By the end of this day, some 25,473 British soldiers evacuated from France
1940 Wednesday May 29th
Another 47,000 British troops are evacuated from Dunkirk
1940 Thursday May 30th
6,000 French soldiers join some 120,000 total allied soldiers evacuated from Dunkirk on this day.
1940 Saturday June 1st
Defense of the outlying region near Dunkirk now passes to French XVI Corps
1940 Tuesday June 4th

Some 40,000 French soldiers are taken prisoner by German at the fall of Dunkirk
Weapons used
Arsenal (weapon store)
naval gunfire
artillery, tanks
mortars, mines
machine guns
bayonets, rocks, and fists when and as required.
Battle of Dunkirk - Aftermath
After the battle of Dunkirk, nearly 340,000 allied troops were penned on around the port of Dunkirk
332,226 men were rescued from Dunkirk.
During the operation, the British losses included 68,111 killed, wounded, and captured,
as well as 243 ships
106 aircraft,
2,472 field guns,
63,879 vehicles,
500,000 tons of supplies.
Who Won the Battle?
Who was victorious? Well it all depends, during the battle the Germany soldiers over powered the allied forces.
The allied forces were out numbered and out gunned. So this lead to the evacuation. As the allied forces retreated France had to surrender and was taken over by Germany. This was a victory for the germans. But the battle of Dunkirk was about the defense and evacuation. The german soldiers later realized they were evacuating, but could not stop them. Luftwaffe leader, Reichsmarshall Herman Goering, said to Hitler that the Luftwaffe could stop the evacuating ships, but he was not able to.They were able to rescue 340,000 men when the estimated to only save 10 thousand. This it self was a major victory, because despite their disadvantage they were able to get away.
Lord John Gort
(Commander in Chief of the British Expeditionary Force in Western Europe in the months that led up to the Battle of Dunkirk.)
Rene Prioux
(General of the French army)
Compounding battlefield leases across a France and the low counties a force a change at the helm. General Maxine Weygand replaces General Maurice Gustace Gamelin as supreme allied commander
The Battle of Dunkirk took place in the beaches of France which
involved all five countries
Gerd Von Rundstedt
(German Field Marshal
in WW2)
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