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Indias Caste System

No description

Mikail Onur

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Indias Caste System

people who knows holy Scriptures
majority of public
get discriminated
officialy equal
doesn't have a good reputation in public
only able to perform dirty jobs
low wages
get robbed and battered

not supposed to enter any temples
not allowed to drink water from certain water wells
India's Caste System
bin mens
street cleaners
people who dont belong to hinduism
buisness man
Life in the Caste System
you get born into a certain caste
you marry and die in the same caste
you can only apply for job's in your caste
you are not supposed to discriminate somebody because of his caste

farm workers
day- laborer

People of thinking and knowledge
against physical work
not all of them is rich
some work as chefs

People who are responsible for defending the country
Responsible for basic needs

People who add to economic well- being with their labor
History of India's Caste System
What is the caste system?
rooted in religion and based on a division of labor
an aspect of Hindu religion
dictates the type of operations a person can pursue and social connections that she may have.
process of placing people in certain groups
traditionally ranked first
they are highly respected
consistude less than 5% of the indian population
traditionally ranked second
a Kshatriya is a ruler or a warrior and in India the Kshatriya had power for many centuries
Kshatriya caste was formed due to the gradual etablishment of monopoly on military training and the battle technics, by a tribual section
originally focused on farming, agriculture and trading

Aryan people migrated to India 2000 before Christ
were split into three castes: Priest's, Soldiers and Farmers
didn't want to loose supremacy
wanted to distance oneself from natives
created a fourth caste which consisted natives

Group of people:
Group of people:
Group of people:
Group of people:
Group of people:
various theories
based on religion or ethnic roots
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