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Copy of Cell Analogy Project!

a cell analogy project!!

Einstein X

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Cell Analogy Project!

Cell and Castle Analogy Project ;'. The castle's gate is like a cellular membrane. It controls what goes in and out of the castle, just like the cellular membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell. The Castle Gate Royal Monarch The monarch of the castle is like the nucleus of a cell. The monarch controls most of the castle and keeps its laws. The nucleus controls most of the cell's processes and contains the DNA. The castle's army is the its source of power, just like mitochondria which power the cell's growth, movement, and development. Army The City Inside the Walls The city inside the castle wall contains people of many trades that are necessary for the castle to function. This is just like the cytoplasm that contains the organelles that are necessary to the cell. Farms Farms supply food to the castle via photosynthesis and respiration, enabling it to function. This is like when chloroplasts supply glucose to a plant cell, via photosynthesis, enabling it to function. : chloroplasts Respiration Photosynthesis Nucleus mitochondria cytoplasm Craftsmen ribosomes Craftsmen create and assemble articles needed by the castle. This is like ribosomes assembling proteins needed by the cell. By Caleb Thompson and Ryan Taylor cytoplasm Trade Cart System Golgi Apparatus The trade cart system is involved in the packing and shipping of goods and produce for transport. This is like the Golgi apparatus that packs proteins and puts them in vesicles, like trade carts, for transport. Masons and Builders endoplasmic reticulum The endoplasmic reticulum assembles the cell wall and creates proteins needed for the cell by the use of ribosomes. It is like the masons and builders that assemble the castle wall and other structures needed by the castle with the use of craftsmen. A Peasant's Life cell analogy project The vacuoles are like the granaries and store houses of the castle, they store materials for the castle. Granaries and Store Houses vacuoles lysosome Cesspits and Moats cesspit moat In castles, waste was dumped in well-like cesspits and moats to decompose. This is similar to when lyososomes break down materials no longer needed by the cell. lysosomes Castle Roads micro-filaments & micro-tubules Micro-filaments and micro-tubules make up the cytoskeleton. They are like the castle roads which make up the road system. The castle road system gives the castle organizational structure and helps things be transported. This is like the cytoskeleton that gives the cell structure and moves around proteins. Royal Monarch nucleus The royal monarch controls most of the castle's happenings and keeps its laws. This is like the nucleus that controls most of the cell's processes and contains the DNA. Fund The End The End cell membrane Fund
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