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RS 15 Theme B The Bible 101

No description

Melissa Damur

on 15 February 2018

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Transcript of RS 15 Theme B The Bible 101

The Bible 101

What do you know about the Bible?
Pop Quiz:
How many books in the Bible?
What does Holy Bible mean?
Whats the last word in the Bible?
First three words of the Bible?
What does Testament mean?
Divine Revelation: How God Speaks to Us
Christianity is not a religion of the book but a religion of the Word!
Are we to read Scripture literally?
Work of human authors and the work of God
Bible is "inspired" work of God
God breathes His Spirit into the words of the human authors
Post- Lesson Question

Describe the information that you learnt regarding how we as Catholics understand the Bible
Bible Pictionary & Search....here we go!
God's final word on everything
God's revelation comes in 3 ways:
- Scripture
-Tradition (The Mass & Sacraments)
-Magisterium (Church's teachings= dogmas and creeds)
Holy Spirit:
Inspires Scripture
animates Church's tradition
guides Church teachings
The Bible is without error when it comes to our salvation history
The Bible is not meant to be read as a science or history book
The Bible as the Word of God
Word of God told in human language
We must remember these 3 elements when reading the Bible:
2 min intro to the Bible
Salvation History & Covenants
The Bible shows us that God is working to bring us salvation

Bible = family-making Covenants
not contracts but oaths
involves an exchange of persons
Old and New Testament
Should we bother with the Old Testament?
salvation history began with the creation of the world and progressed through a series of OT covenants
prepares the way for announcing what's going to happen in NT

team member is going to draw the image on the board and the team is going to guess what it is
once the image has been guessed correctly a different team member is going to run up and grab up to two Bibles for the team
People on the team need to find where in the Bible that image is found (Book, Chapter) and hand it in to me then the 2nd image will be released
first team to 3 wins!
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