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Similes and Metaphors: "The Black Snake" -Mary Oliver

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Katy Massey

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Similes and Metaphors: "The Black Snake" -Mary Oliver

Poetry Unit “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” –Robert Frost Bellringer You will need your notebooks!!!
Pick someone close to you (family member, friend), and choose a certain characteristic of theirs. What does it remind you of? What could you compare it to?
Now create a simile and metaphor using those comparisons. Simile Similes help readers and listeners create pictures in their minds. They make our speech and writing more interesting. The clouds were as fluffy as cotton wool. Similes!!!! A figure of speech using a word such as like or as to compare seemingly unlike things. The clouds were AS fluffy AS cotton wool. Create Some Similes!!! The moon glowed like...
The traffic moved as slow as...
Rain ran down the window like...
The rose petals are as delicate as... Metaphor If a writer uses a metaphor it is because they want to give a more DETAILED and VIVID image of how they are feeling or what they are describing. Metaphor Figurative language that compares or equates seemingly unlike things. My car is a heap of old rubbish. My body is frozen. Let's Have a Go!!! Make a list of things you could compare yourself to when you feel happy and things you could compare yourself to when you feel sad. Be as imaginative as possible. These lists can become metaphors, e.g. ‘Happiness is a warm radiator on a snowy day’. "The Black Snake" by
Mary Oliver Homework On a separate piece of paper:

1. Identify the simile(s) within the poem. What do these similes suggest about the snake? How could Oliver have stated the same ideas by using metaphors?
2. Identify the metaphor(s) within the poem. What do the metaphor(s) represent within the poem?
3. Discuss the relationship between life and death. How do both relate to each other? How do the simile(s) and metaphor(s) reveal poem's theme?
4. As a whole, would you call this poem cheerful or depressing, serious or playful? Explain using details from the poem to support your answer.
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