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The Ancient Israelites Timeline

A prezi for history class, as homework, not fun. Of course, it still is awesome!

Hana Belmonte-Ryu

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of The Ancient Israelites Timeline

1900 BC "Journey of Abraham": God commanded Abraham, a shepherd, to travel from Ur (Abraham's hometown) to Canaan. Event #1 1700 BC “Hebrews enslaved”: Israelites (descendants of Abraham) became slaves of the Egyptians. Event #2 Early 1200s BC “New Leader”: Israelites made Moses their leader. They believed he could free them from the Egyptians, and soon, by threatening the pharaoh with ten plagues, did free them. Event #3 1000s BC "Conflict with the Philistines": The Philistines (with their great warrior Goliath) constantly fought with the Israelites. The Israelites were panicked; they didn't even have a king (leader). Then Goliath was slayed by David. Event #4 Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 1020 BC "A New King": The Israelites chose a man named Saul as their first king. He lead them to battle with the Philistines, but lost the battle. Event #5 961 BC "David's Death": David (who defeated Goliath after Saul's loss as a young boy), died, after starting a dynasty that would last more than 400 years. Event #6 922 BC "Solomon's Death": After David's death, his son, Solomon came into power. He found new trading partners, made treaties with the pharaoh of Egypt and other rulers, and began a royal building program. With the royal building program, he built many grand buildings, including the main temple of Jerusalem. Event #7 -> Side note this way -> "The Exodus": To free them, Moses lead them away from Egypt by parting the Red Sea (the Egyptians had been following them) and leading them on a journey known as "The Exodus". (also uno, kow, bado, qutux, and kingal) (also dos, laba, hade, sazing, and dha) War! WAR!!! FIGHT!!!!!!!! Fighting! HAHAHA we win!! Fightfightfight! 721 BC"Israel conquered": The Assyrians took over Israel. 587 BC "Judah conquered": Judah fell to the Babylonians, and the peaceful environments of Israel and Judah deteriorated. Event #8 Event #9 540 BC "Jews allowed to return to Judah": Persian ruler Cyrus took over and allowed Jews to return home (Judah). However, he made sure that he was still ruling. The Jews fell to the priests as their leaders. Event #10 Jewish priests 400s BC "Ezra brings Torah": The priest/scribe Ezra brought a collection of translated holy writings, which would become the Torah (first book of the Bible). 175 BC "Antiochus and the rebellion": Antiochus, a Greek ruler, forced the Jews to adopt the Greek customs and religions. This brought about the rebellion of Mattathias and the Maccabees, which in turn brought a two year war. 164 BC "War won, a New The Jews won the war! The temple was redone, and Chanukah, also known as Hanukah, became a holiday celebrating the victory of the Maccabee rebels. Event #12 Event #13 (also tres, saddex. seleste, cyagul, and tru) "Rome conquers": Rome conquered the Jews and Judah became to be known as Judea. "Jesus arrested": Jesus was arrested by the Romans while he and his followers (disciples) are celebrating Passover. He was crucified, but supposedly came back to life. This Resurrection convinced the disciples that Jesus was messiah. "Zealots and the Wailing Wall": A group of Jews called the Zealots revolted. Fighting started up all over Judea. The Jews were outnumbered, and though they fought strongly, the city eventually fell. All that was left was a wall, known as the Wailing Wall.
It took three years for the Romans to conquer the other centers of the Jewish communities. When the last fort fell, they found a huge rock wall behind it. The Romans could not get through or around daily, so they a devised a plan to make a ramp and use their battering rams to knock it down. When this was done, they found, to their amazement and horror, 960 bodies of the Jews. As a final act of defiance, they had killed themselves. And that, folks, is the VERY happy ending of our timeline. Note the sarcasm.
But still. It was good, right? RIGHT??
Hope you enjoyed it! Do come back again!

Ta-ta for now, chidlings! Event #11 Event #14 Event #15 Event #15 Judah + Romans and changes = Judea 63 BC to 66 AD 63 BC 66 AD 33 AD THE END!!!! Holiday": The Ancient Israelites Timeline by Hana, 6th 70 AD "Jerusalem destroyed."
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