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Introduction of PTT

No description

louie lu

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Introduction of PTT

A type of NEWS system (e-mail)
Text Based System
Low response time
A special console is needed to read the data from BBS.
Keyboard Only
Work perfectly under low speed internet environment
How to use PTT
Found in 1995
National Taiwan University
1.5 million registered users
150,000 activated users
Over 20,000 discussion boards
20000 new articles and 500000 comments per day
Console for PTT : PCMan (PC), MoPtt, MuiPtt (iOS/Android)
Bulletin board system BBS
Who use PTT?
1995 - 2000:
CS & Engineering + Geek
2000 - 2004: (Many BBS)
University + gamer
2004 - 2008: (Fewer BBS)
2008 - 2011: (PTT)
University + Graduated student
2011 - 2015: (PTT)
Above People + reporter

Top 20% of Taiwanese people
PTT as a Media
PTT is faster than any traditional media
95% of news on PTT is true
The posts on PTT normally have scientific basis.
The news from traditional media usually has bias.
5% of information on PTT is wrong
August 7th~16th 2012:
Country People
People heavily use PTT
The term come from Steven Chou's movie
Country people's special terms:
Level of country people:
After this Event
Country people are internet users but they are not Justin Biebers
Action speaks louder than words
Country people have more information than many main stream media
Before this event
Country people are considered as the silent people
Many people RSVP, no one shows up
Mainstream media thinks that the country people are normal net users
Stone age technology
PTT is a subculture
Death of Hung Chung-chiu
Introduction of PTT
More information on PTT Wiki:
Smash Faces
When some people said something not true.
country people will find scientific fact to point out the error
you only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.
Recent Case:
MP of Taipei wanted to blame KP about the police policy but she was smashed face by head of police department

Which parties does PTT support?
Different discussion boards support different parties.
The GOSSIP board supported KMT in 2008 and it supported DPP and other small parties in 2014
The administrators of PTT try to keep popular board in middle
Detail of the Event
Main issue
Missing CCTV evidence
Public reaction
On 20 July 2013, 30,000 protestors known as Citizen 1985 gathered outside the defense ministry building
The second protest, held on 3 August by the same group, attracted a record number of followers in Taiwan, reaching over 100,000.
Sunflower Movement
& Taipei Mayor Election
Sunflower event and PTT
Gossip board
FuMouDiscuss board
Student's requirements and opinions were announced and discussed on PTT in first place
Taipei Election of Mayor
Reports copied many news form Gossip board
The major people on PTT hate KMT at 2015
Mainstream Media was controlled by KMT at this election
PTT worked as a platform of fighting Mr. Lain
Ptt is a media for people who have basic knowledge of computer
Ptt is stone age technology but the value of Ptt is about it culture
Ptt usually tell true stories.
Article on Ptt normally have scientific evidences
Ptt is not anonymous platform. It records your IP address.
Thank You
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