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Luin Larson

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Spain

Conclusion I hope you found this Prezi interesting and enjoyable. #4 Holidays Culture Traits Culture Traits #2 Bullfights Culture Traits Culture Traits Spain's economy is a capitalist/socialist economy, which means the business owners and consumers make the decisions. Spain's economy was a small economy, but it is growing at a rapid pace. Spain is the world leader in wine production. The countries in the Americas that have a free enterprise economy are Canada, Mexico, The US, Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia. Economy Government The country that impacted the Americas the most Spain #3 The Fiesta As you probably know, Spain expanded to South America to spread Christianity. They are VERY religious and serious about their beliefs. They force spread Christianity to the Aztecs, and almost 80% of Americans are Christian now. Spain's government is a constitutional monarchy. They have a king/queen, but they are only symbolic because there is a constitution. Greenland and Canada have a constitutional monarchy, and too many countries to count have a constitution. Spain has been an example for all of the countries in the Americas. Spain is a country on the Iberian peninsula that has 195,400 sq mile area. It was the first country to colonize North America AND South America. From Bullfights to the first settlement, St. Augustine, the Spaniards were the most important in the colonization of the Americas. #1 Christianity The Moors and the Christians were fighting, but had no desire of killing one another. Instead, they had competitions of who could kill the most animals. Deer and other docile animals were easy. Bears and boars had a small possibility of fighting back, but the Iberian Bull would always attack. It would rather die in a battle than run away. Then someone had the idea of taking the bulls to an arena where the people could showcase their toughness against the Iberian Bull. That was the very beginning of bullfighting. Two main things created the fiesta in 1924. Spain needed a midsummer attraction, and the new Lobero theater had recently opened. The business decided to throw a party. That was the first fiesta and not nearly the last. the events include a parade, a rodeo, family activities, aquatic, athletic, and musical events, and a gala celebration. The Spanish people celebrate very many of holidays including Easter, Christmas, New Years. Tons of other countries celebrate those 3 holidays, but here are the holidays that you (probably) haven't heard about. Epiphany (January 6), St Joseph’s Fathers Day (March 20), Easter Thursday (April 6), Labor Day (May 1), Community Day (May 2), San Isidro (May 15), Feast of the Assumption (August 15), Spain’s National Day (October 12), All Saints Day (November 1), Almudena (November 9), Constitution Day (December 6), Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8), and Christmas Day (December 25). I found what they do when a holiday is on a school day interesting. They take that specific day of and that's it. These important things in the history of Spain have shaped not shaped the Americas. Every little thing that the Spanish people did had a huge impact on the future of every country in the entire world.
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