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Integrating Quotes

No description

Carly Glass

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Integrating Quotes

Watch Carefully!! How To Integrate Quotes Not drop out of thin air. quotations should
fit into your
argument too many quotes, too many voices can overpower your own not just appear out
of thin air. Some rules for integrating quotes. Keep it smooth! To make your writing flow as smoothly as possible, it's usually best to use only an effective part of a quotation as part of one of your own sentences. So instead of boring your reader with this:
The narrator says, "Who can even imagine me looking a strange white man in the eye?" (232),

Write something like this:
The narrator asks if anyone could imagine her
"looking a strange white man in the eye" (232). Introduce and follow up on quotations.

A good writer usually writes
one sentence to introduce the quotation,
a second sentence that includes the quotation,
and a third sentence to comment on the
significance of the quotation (analysis!). Before & After Mrs. Peters sometimes appears to be almost supernatural.
For example, Glaspell describes her "look of seeing into things,
of seeing through a thing to something else . . ." (333).
However, this "look"really demonstrates a sense of intuition
rather than any magical powers. FOR EXAMPLE: MORE TIPS!! ASK YOURSELF... What are some good words to
use when integrating quotes? What are some good words to
use when integrating quotes?
points out
comments insists
states notes
explains claims
reveals A good writer refers to the author by his/her last name only. For example, Charlotte Brontë is called "Brontë" in essays. Similar to how we refer to Presidents by their last names!

A good writer talks about literature in the present tense, even if the work was produced in the past, or the story takes place in the past.

Always put quotation marks around the authors words! Failing to indicate words that are not your own is considered plagiarism! Some other things to
remember when writing:

Reference Websites:
http://theliterarylink.com/usingquotes.html THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!
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