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Sage ERP Presentation

No description

Chris Mandell

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Sage ERP Presentation


Accounting & Fincance
What does Sage Accounting have to offer?
Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Fully integrate your company
Extremely adaptable
Includes - Inventory/Warehouse MGMT and Manufacturing MGMT

Sales & Marketing
Overview of Sage
Started in 1981
Employs more than 13,500 people
Serves more than 6 million customers
Generates more than $2 billion in revenue
Python primary programming language of Sage
Leader with small and medium sized businesses
Better user interface
Easy to learn and use
Popular among small and medium businesses
Elevate Your Business Operations
Innovative Solutions Easy to implement, use and understand
Enhanced Productivity
Simplified Accounting
Cost Effective Solutions
- Small Business
Sage 50 Accounting
Made to order
Configure to order
Assemble to order
Made to stock
Mixed mode environment
Manufacturing Management
Work Order
Sales Order
Purchase order
Bill of Materials
Customer Dashboard
Marketing Features for Customers
Intuitive Dashboard with helpful graphics
Design marketing campaign
Maximizes customer communication with social media integration
Plan and track marketing budgets
Sales Features for Customers
A 360 degree view of every customer interaction
Complete business and sales integration
Helpful sales analysis and forecasting
Well-Known Customers
Best Western
ABC Compounding, Inc
CRP Industries
Sonnax Industries, Inc
RadComm System
BDO Accounting Services
Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Asset Management and Additional Accounting and ERP
Human Resource Management and Payroll
Construction and Real Estate
Payment and Commerce Solutions
Customer Management
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Why choose Sage CRM for your business?
Exceptional service
-Supported by powerful workflow and automation
Social CRM
-Engage and interact with your customers
Mobile CRM
-Full-Featured Mobile CRM at Your Fingertips
Human Resource

What is it used for?

Sage HRMS Talent Management
HR services
Sage Business Care
Sage Professional Services Group
Sage University

Main Features
Discrete + process manufacturing
works schedule mgmt.
quality assurance
capacity planning
Inventory and Warehouse
Always know inventory status
Quickly record assets
Provide comprehensive pricing to sales
Inventory advisor
Bar code
Inventory Management

More than 12,000 organizations in 70 countries use our award winning Sage CRM software to manage their critical sales, marketing and customer service activities every day.

Fully scalable, on-demand, integrate
solution for small to midsized companies
Powerful and flexible
-Delivers real time customer information
-24 X 7 X 365
-Ensure issues are escalated
-Generate leads, foster loyalty, build customer retention and increase revenue
-Monitor blogs/websites from Sage CRM
-Information you want, when you want it
-Great benefits of Sage CRM mobile
- Mid-Sized Business
Sage 50 Quantum Accounting
Sage ERP Software
- Enrich your Operations
- Enhance processes
- Diversity of Products
- Innovative Solutions
Sage One
Sage 50
Sage 100 ERP
Sage 300 ERP
Sage 500 ERP
Sage ERP X3
Sage Construction Anywhere
Cloud based resource which allows all employees to access company documents remotely from any location
A lot like sharepoint, but with complete integration of all modules

HR Payroll
Accurate, timely payroll in-house and complete control

Sage Services

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