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Figurative Language

A lesson on figurative language using examples from Will Ferrell movies

Andrew McGee

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Figurative Language

Figurative Language
It's literally the coolest thing ever
Go Figure!
Hyperboles are the Coolest!
You're the Poet!
For Next Class!
Metaphor or Simile?
Lets rap about figurative language
What's It For?
Why Figurative Language?
Draws you into the story

Adds color and interest and awakens the imagination

Figurative Language is everywhere!

Helps us better understand what the person is trying to say
Define various types of figurative language

Identify figurative language as it is used in pop culture and literature

Demonstrate knowledge by composing own examples of figurative language

Explain why figurative language is used
Comparison made between two unlike things

Does NOT use like, as, than, or resembles

Often uses some sort form of the verb "to be"
something "is" something else
Comparison of to two things using like, as, than, or verb like resembles

Two things must be dissimilar
Life, like a dome of many-colored glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity.
(Shelley, Adonais)
Find an example of metaphor, simile, personification, or hyperbole in a song that you really like.

Next, write your own short poem (4 or more lines) that uses the line that you chose from the song

Any questions??
A Simile!
a dome of many-colored glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity.

Says life is LIKE a stained-glass dome
Metaphor or Simile?
Oh, my love is a red, red rose.
A Metaphor!
Oh, my love
a red, red rose.
Love cannot literally be a rose
Giving a thing, an animal, or an abstract term such as 'truth' or 'nature' human characteristics
A great exaggeration used to emphasize a point

Not meant to be taken literally
Finish these sentences using the types of figurative language we discussed
I'm as tired as a ______.
My sister is a ______.
You're as cool as a ______.
The computer ______ at me.
This class is as ______ as a ______.
I'm so hungry I could ______.
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