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CAAT Portfolio Sample

This is a sample of a portfolio that would earn an "A" based on the grading rubric.

Jeff Davis

on 28 May 2012

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Transcript of CAAT Portfolio Sample

Jeff's CAAT Portfolio
I'm Jeff and this is my CAAT portfolio. During my free time I like to play guitar, ride my bike, or make dinner with my family.

In this portfolio you will find samples of projects I've completed during my 7th grade year in the CAAT Program at Oak View Middle School.

So look around and enjoy.

Favorite Quotes:
"When I was your age television was called 'books'!"
- The Grandfather from Princess Bride

"Stay hungry,...stay foolish"
- Steve Jobs
One thing I really enjoy about going to OVMS is all of the activities we do, like the FCAT bash. Being in the CAAT, I've had the opportunity to visit LegoLand and work with technology everyday. My favorite class is World Cultures because I love to learn about distant places and cultures. Another reason I love my World Cultures class is because our teacher always has something interesting and exciting planned for class.
Language Arts
CAAT TECH - https://sites.google.com/a/gm.sbac.edu/mr-davis---caat-technology/home


Cell Size and Scale-



Boston Public Library -
For the Words in Motion project we adapted a song, poem or speech to video form. Click play to view.
Here is a picture of my Science Fair poster board. I worked for about a week on it and my experiments took over a month to complete.
We built a 3D model of a restaurant in SketchUp for a cross-curricular project.
We were given the chance to make a case for the treasonous Benedict Arnold. Here are a few slides from that PowerPoint.
We created spreadsheets of all the data we had to keep track of for our Restaurant Project. Here are a few samples.
PPT Saved as PDF and Inserted as 'File'
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Thank you for visiting my portfolio.
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