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Meghna Kapoor

on 9 October 2015

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Changes in the IELTS & SAT Test Fee
Please be informed that IELTS test fees under British Council has been revised. Hence for candidates registering for the test date scheduled after 01 September 2015, the IELTS test fee is
INR 10,600

SAT Registration fee has also been revised, please note the changes

SAT with Essay USD 54.5
(October 2015 to January 2016)
International Fee for South & Central USD 49
Total USD 103.5

Certification News
Below mentioned resources got certified for Basic level under S&M Certification Program in September 2015

Hyderabad -

Chandigarh -

Trichy -
Mahendra S Thakur

Manish Kamboj

Saritha Reddy

Kamaldeep Sharma
Ravi Teja
Vamshi Krishna

Mangalore -
Mini Nair

Prashant Pareek

Below mentioned resources got certified for Admissions Training Level I in September 2015

Chandigarh -
Manish Kamboj
Priyanka Jamwal
Kamaldeep Sharma

What's in store?
Do You Know?
Test Prep Update
Admissions Update
Certification News
Sneak peek into a Manyaiite's life

Do You Know?
To sell a product, it's not only important to have an in-depth knowledge about our own products but it's equally imperative to be aware of the competition.
Here is a fact about one of our competitors which needs to be clearly understood and our prospects/existing students need to be educated about it.

Manhattan Review (founded in the Year 1999) & Manhattan Prep ( founded in the Year 2000) are two different test prep organizations and there's no connection between the two.
There is this misconception that Manhattan Review is a wing of Manhattan Prep, however, this is absolutely untrue.

a. Gender balance at top US B Schools
Record numbers of female MBA students enrolled in this year’s entering classes is the big headline announced by a number of the top US business schools.
The 43% number posted by both the Wharton School and Kellogg School of Management are the closest to a true gender balance here – that’s a rise of 3% for Wharton and 5% in the case of Kellogg. Elsewhere, Harvard Business School (HBS), Chicago Booth, Yale School of Management, UC Berkeley Haas and Dartmouth Tuck have all announced a class of 2017 that is at least 40% female. MIT Sloan has also predicted a proportion of just over 40%.

b. International diversity in the class of 2017
On average and across 13 top US business schools, international students represent more than a third of the MBA class of 2017.The highest proportion – of 42% - can be found in Columbia Business School’s entering classes (January and August cohorts) this year, up a single percentage point from last year.

c. Industry backgrounds at top US B Schools
Consulting and finance continue to be the two most common industry backgrounds held by entering MBA students.
For example, consulting is the leading background at Kellogg, Haas and Wharton where it accounts for 25%, 24% and 23% of the class of 2017, respectively. Finance backgrounds, meanwhile, lead with proportions of 25%, 24% and 21% at Columbia, UCLA and NYU Stern, respectively. The leading background at HBS is also one of finance, with 17% of its class of 2017 coming from work within private equity or venture capital.

Some more updates coming up in the next edition
Advancements by B Schools - Class 2017
a.From how many years have you been associated with Manya?
I have been associated with Manya for more than 9 years.

b.Did you face any challenges while setting up your centres? How did you overcome them?
It was full of challenges as I was not aware of all aspects of business except operations. It was mainly learning from mistakes. It did take long time for us to overcome as both me and my business partner(Jijil) were from academic background only. Closing sales was one tough nut. Gradually we built good word of mouth and kept constant marketing happening, which is helping us to grow slowly and steadily.

c. Because you are the owner of your undertaking, you would be doing a lot of multitasking at times. How do you handle everything all together?
It is always going to be multitasking for an owner whether or not you are doing everything yourself. Organising work as per priority helps in multitasking.

d.What suggestions do you have to improve the current system at Manya?How do you think that will lead to the betterment of our delivery system?
I do not clearly get to know how the current system works at Manya. But, every few months, there are different people for the same role. Stability is completely missing. Being part of Manya, only if a person survives for a longer time is when he can contribute for the company as initial months goes only in training as Manya being process oriented company.

e. How do you maintain your work life balance?
Frankly speaking there was no balance at all. It was only work, no life. Fortunately, now I am blessed with a good team who is allowing me to think back again about life. Thank you so much my dear teamJ

Sneak peak into a Manyaiite's life
Meghna Kapoor, L&D interviews Anitha Shivaprasad, Business Partner - Whitefield, Bangalore

For any suggestions/feedback/inputs kindly contact l&d@manyagroup.com

Best Wishes,
Manya-The Princeton Review

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