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Meet Fetty Wap!

No description

Kt Kemp

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Meet Fetty Wap!

Fetty Wap: The Chinchilla
Fetty's House
The perfect crib for Fetty Wap is a multi- leveled cage because chinchillas can jump 5 feet, and Fetty needs plenty of room. This is impressive cage costs $90.00, but Fetty deserves the BEST.
Fetty's Lifestyle
Monthly, Fetty costs about $25.00 to make sure he is clean and has all the food and supplies he needs.
Meet Fetty Wap!
This is Fetty Wap the Chinchilla.
Fetty is 9 months old and could possibly live to 5-20 years!!
Inside the cage, Fetty needs Lava dust so that he can give himself dust baths to keep him clean from mold that forms in his fur.
Fetty Food
Fetty's favorite foods are fruits, vegetables, hay, and yogurt drops.
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