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City Hall

My trip to City Hall

Patrick Burris

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of City Hall

Lakeland City Hall City Clerk - Mrs. Kelly Koos, MMC Purpose To provide accurate record keeping for all city files, while mainting city comission meetings notes and working to establish public knowledge of things like city ordinances, resolutions, and police reports. In 15 years, the City Clerk's office may very well be exsisting in City Hall, however everything will be electronically kept, while still mainting paper storage on important documents. Most, if not all of McKeel's employability skills must be followed while working in City Hall, or for the city. This is due to the fact that you not only represent the city, but looking and acting professional as a city employee demands a certain respect from the general public, which in turn helps them do their jobs more efficiently. Average Salary for a City Clerk: $40,000 a year. To become a city clerk the following steps must be achieved:

Take Courses in economics, buisness management, and governmental law.
Must have an associates degree.
Apply for a job at local government, preferably something administrative.
Apply for courses to become a Certified Municipal Clerk. (CMC)
Work hard, and be noticed. A City Clerk is an appointed official in Lakeland.
Certain pieces of technology are used in City Clerks office to better assist in the transformation of paper to electronic format. These include, but not limited too:

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Powerpoint Overall, this job was a decent one, however it was not for me. As Mrs. Koos pointed out, it takes a special kind of person to be a clerk, and I will agree. I loved the orgnization that was in the office as well as the use of microsoft products to their full potential. However, I did not like the routine and the "sitting at a desk" aspect of the job. I do not think that I will pursue a career in this field, as it would not suit my personal tastes, as mentioned above.
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