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A Century of Fashion

No description

maddie zahn

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of A Century of Fashion

A Century of Fashion By Madeleine Clark Feather Hats 1900s Lace Dresses Lace Up Shoes Corsets Tight Collars 1910s Trench Coats Draping Blouses for Women Middle Eastern Patterns V-neck Sweaters Beaded Handbags Decorated Hairpins Decorated Stockings Bows on Shoes 1920s Cloches Bobbed Hair Long, Wide Coats Costume Jewelry Drop-waist "flapper" Dresses T-strap Shoes Sheer Stockings 1930s Patterned Sweaters One-piece Wool Bathing Suits Long, Flowing Gowns Sandals Fox Fur Hats Worn at an Angle Shoulder Pads 1940s Narrow "hobble" Skirts Skirts with Trains The Pageboy Haircut for Women Rolled-up Blue Jeans Matching Skirts and Sweaters Halter Tops Sleek Evening Dresses The "pompadour" Hairstyle 1950s Black Leotards Motorcycle Jackets Bermuda Shorts Pedal Pushers Poodle Skirts Saddle Shoes Ballerina Flats Full Skirts with Petticoats Strapless Evening Gowns Ponytails 1960S Bell Bottoms Miniskirts Pale Lipstick and Dark Eyeliner The Beehive Hairdo White Vinyl “go-go” Boots Peace Signs Paisley and Indian Prints Jump Suits The Afro Denim, Denim, Denim Legwarmers Cowboy Boots 1970s 1980s T-shirts with Messages Fingerless Lace Gloves Fair-isle Sweaters

Shoulder Pads

Miniskirts Oversized Tops Stretch-Stirrup Pants Lots of Hairspray Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Jellies 1990s Puffy Jackets Bare Midriffs Baggy Pants Mod Grunge 2000S My main goal for this project was to explore the trends of fashion throughout the 20th century, and how these trends were affected by the events of that time period. In order to show these in the best way possible, I made a timeline of fashion trends throughout the century. Project Goal Reflection I noticed that fashion trends are not only made by the whims of some designers, but in reality, fashion trends are influenced by economic and social factors. For example, the fashion trends throughout the 1930s were greatly affected by the Great Depression. Americans had to cope with having little or no money. Because of money being so scarce, Americans had to settle for fashion that was cheap and durable such as the Feed sack dress. In conclusion, I realized that my high interest in fashion contributed to the quality on this project. Bibliography A decade-by-decade look at fashion in the United States Fact Monster/Information Please® Database, © 2007 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved
Braudel, Fernand Civilization and Capitalism, 15th–18th Centuries, Vol 1: The Structures of Everyday Life," William Collins & Sons, London 1981 ISBN 0-520-08114-5
Top 10 80s Fashion Trends © Copyright 2013. Like Totally 80s. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Notice. Site by denning e-solutions, LLC
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