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Dangers of Drugs

[PG] Information about the destruction caused by illegal drugs.

Edjieboa Nova

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Dangers of Drugs

There are many roads that lead to welcoming drugs into ones life. Drugs are used to escape. A mistake that doesn't want to let go. Cocaine It comes from the leaves of the coca plant. It is harvested by the poor in South America. It is most often "snorted" up the nose or smoked. Many graduate to inject or
"main-line." These tools are called "rigs." The spoon is heated and the coke melts. Needles leave injury called "track marks:" They can be anywhere on a body. Scan from the Trinity College Dublin Notice the increased activity in the areas of the pre-frontal cortex. Meth and/or Crystal It is a lot like Coke. Difference: It is cheaper to make and harder on the brain. Cooking instructions for meth. Pipes are sold everywhere. Faces of Meth Meth is smoked. It dissolves the teeth. Allow me to introduce you to
a few of these substances. Meth-mouth Meth causes lesions and blisters when it comes into contact with skin. Ecstasy Your brain is amazing; more powerful than any computer. One of its jobs is to produce Dopamine & Serotonin (and other amines.) These are your "feel good" amines. This is one synapse
in your brain. One side fires neurons to signal the release of amines and the other receives. Healthy brains have 100's of
trillions, all working steadily. Ecstasy causes them to all fire at once creating extreme joy and euphoria for a few hours. Ex lab. Ecstasy parties are called "raves" focused on lights, sound and touch. The drug causes the user to grind their teeth. Often pacifiers are used to prevent damage. When the "feel good" amines are exhausted, it creates a vacuum of emptiness until more can be made. That psychological crash is where the term "Suicide Monday" originated from. Most drugs dilate the pupils of the eye. So many heroine addicts die young.
It is manufactured from the opium poppy. Largest supplying countries are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar and Colombia. Heroin is common as a powder substance for injection or snorting. It is also sold in "tar" form. This can be melted to
inject or be smoked off of disposable foil. Heroin ends lives, even when you don't die. glamorous Heroin constricts the pupils of the eye. (MDMA) Ex is made in pill or tablet form. Ketamine
"Special K" Ketamine is a form of sedative
in veterinary medicine. Liquid injection Powder and capsules It's often snorted or laced in a cigarette or joint. GHB Powder or liquid, usually mixed into a drink. Inhalants
"Huffing" Rapid brain damage Once inhaled the high
lasts only minutes. The negative effects take longer to get over. Anabolic Steroids to promote extreme muscle growth Most noticeable:
Increased aggression Hallucinogens Distorts the senses and devolves thought patterns. Mushrooms The wrong ones are deadly. Peyote "Buttons" Mescaline made directly from peyote Primarily mixed with liquid and taken by mouth. LSD "Acid" Usually dosed in 3 forms. Blotter Dissolves on the tongue. Geltabs Microdot PCP "angel dust" PCP users prone to extreme
violent outbreaks. Tabs, powder, and liquid.
Often smoked. Laced cigarette Angel dust Mephedrone BathSalts Kidney failure, lethal blood pressure, chewing living things; including self, etc. Colorful and inviting These are still sold in shops. Stimulants speed you up. Depressants slow you down. Smiles 2C-E, 2C-I, 2C-P, 2C-C, & 2C-T-2 Most often taken by mouth as a tablet Often made into edibles such as chocolate. Commonly misrepresented as mescaline. "Smiles" duels as a stimulant. Vomiting, giggle feelings, difficulty breathing, panic, banging ones head into solid structures repeatedly. Most ALL people who choose
to use these drugs and more used Marijuana first. Water Pipes:
Bongs and Hookah Hidden Pipes Weed robs you of a most important attribute... Ambition. Pipes can be beautiful to appeal and attract. Drug Trade pays for Terrorism. No one likes to think about the ugly way the drugs get here. Money goes out all over the world to enemies of humanity. Thankfully, some are caught. Drugs will take you further than you want to go. Drugs will cost you more than you want to pay. They will keep you longer than you want to stay. Thank you
for watching. Drugs are also hard on your health. The consequences can show up immediately or in decades, but your life will be shorter and harder. The pictures just get more graphic. Imagine, every solid organ decaying and blood and marrow becoming compromised or diseased. I'll move on.
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