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Life Cycle of a Typical Personal Injury Case

Fried & Bonder LLC

Kristen Cesario

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Life Cycle of a Typical Personal Injury Case

The Life Cycle of a Typical Personal Injury Case
First 60 Days
• Obtain Accident Report
• Investigate Insurance Coverage
• Visit Accident Scene
• Interview Eyewitnesses
• Request Copies of Medical Bills and Records
• Gather Photographs and Other Physical Evidence
Next 60 Days
• Complete Analysis of Potential Claims and Defenses
• Prepare and Send Demand Package
• Negotiate Claim with Defendant or Its Insurer
Next Six Months
• File Lawsuit
• Serve Defendant
• Exchange Written Discovery with Defendant
• Review Relevant Documents
• Depose Key Witnesses
• Identify and Depose Expert Witnesses

Next Three to Six Months
• Draft and/or Respond to Dispositive and Evidentiary Motions
• Prepare Pre-Trial Order
• Prepare for Trial
• Trial
Clients frequently ask us: “How long will it take for my personal injury claim to resolve?” Although every case is different, we have developed this timeline to inform clients about the steps involved in handling a personal injury claim and the time typically required to complete those steps. Please understand that the timeline is not exact—every case is unique and presents its issues and challenges, some of which may delay an ultimate resolution. Nevertheless, we hope this graphic helps you understand the life cycle of a typical personal injury case.
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