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LS 5443 Portrait of a Collaborator

No description

Geraldine Rasmussen

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of LS 5443 Portrait of a Collaborator

Geri Rasmussen

Portrait of a Collaborator Who am I?:
English Teacher
Graduate Student
aka School Librarian in training
Animal lover INFJ Introvert Myth #1 – Introverts don’t like to talk.
Myth #2 – Introverts are shy.
Myth #3 – Introverts are rude.
Myth #4 – Introverts don’t like people.
Myth #5 – Introverts don’t like to go out in public. Intuitive Feeling Judging Fifteen years of working in education have changed me from thinking to feeling. I allow my perception to guide me. Here comes the judge!
But I'm a good listener. Image: The Scales of Justice Above the Old Bailey Law Courts, Inns of Court, London, England, UK Found on flickrcc.net http://flickrcc.net/art/showtitle.php?productID=16890
Word Cloud created at Wordle.net
Other pictures belong to me
Myths adapted from: Laney, Marti Olsen. The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World. New York: Workman Pub., 2002. Print. Juung Typology 22 25 12 33
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