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Kelly Marie Hobbs

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of WHMIS

S orkplace The WHMIS legislation provides that workers must be informed about the hazards in the workplace and receive appropriate training to enable them to work safely. 1.Why is kitchen safety important? azardous
aterials nformation ystem
With your kitchen groups you will have 60 second to write any hazard/ scenario that your group can think of on the designated poster paper. After sixty seconds the groups will rotate and continue to build upon existing hazards/ scenarios or add new hazards/ scenarios. Activity! In the...
- range section
- baking section
- salad section
- pots/ sanitization section WHMIS outlines hazardous
materials which are... toxic
flammable/ combustible
as well as...
compressed gassess
What does WHMIS stand for? Who is responsible for enforcing WHMIS provincially? Ministry of Labour
officials a. the employer
b. the Fire Marshall
c. Ministry of Labour officials
d. the Disease Control Institute WHMIS Label Hazard Symbol What could happen Example: If inhaled could
cause cancer. Example: Wear a
ventilator mask How to prevent What to do... Example: Seek medical
attention Kept in a book and is a source of information for the worker at the worksite Supplier contact
information Must be in both
official languages If a worker finds a controlled product with a torn or illegible label, or if it has no label, he or she must... a. report it to the supervisor
b. call the supplier immediately
c. call 911 and leave the building
d. consider the product to be safe to use When are WHMIS workplace labels are required? a bulk shipment arrives without a supplier label
a product is poured from its original container into a new one
a hazardous material is produced on site and placed in a container 7. Who is responsible for attaching supplier labels to controlled products? a. the employee
b. the employer employer 8. What does the acronym MSDS stand for? Material
Sheet These sheets must be
updated every year! There are three main elements of WHMIS 1. training
2. labels
3. MSDS Employers must supply WHMIS training to only those workers who are exposed to hazardous materials on a daily basis.
a. True b. False
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