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what should i do if i think someone i know has bulimia?

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Nicole Oheb

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of what should i do if i think someone i know has bulimia?

What should i do if i think someone i know has bulimia?
2. Tell them you care
1. Talk to them
3.Ask them to see a doctor
4. Don't "push" it
5. Don't make them feel bad for their disorder
6. Make sure they know your'e always there
What is bulimia?
Full name is bulimia nervosa
Eats a lot of food uncontrollably in a small amount of time
Then, throws up or takes laxatives
People who are bulimic are

- unhappy with their weight
- fearful of gaining weight
- desperately trying to lose weight
Who becomes bulimic?
90% of people who are bulimic are young female
Many people develop bulimia because of "culture clash"

What causes it?
Family: More likely to become bulimic if a family member is bulimic
Judgemental parents as well
Life changes: Going through new rough, difficult challenges
Personality: hates physical appearance, has difficulties expressing anger, feels hopeless, etc
What are the signs?
taking laxatives
going to the bathroom very often right after eating
exercising a lot, even in bad weather, hurt, tired etc.
Having swollen cheeks or jaw (from the amount of times throwing up)
Clear teeth
Signs cont..
health conditions
drug abuse problems
How does it affect your body?
Can you get better?
getting a health care team (doctor, therapist,
nutritionist etc) will definitely help.
patients who deal with anxiety and depression are recommended to take antidepressants
Bulimia Nervosa
By: Nicole Oheb & Brittney Aceves
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