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Grime Music

No description

Tanisha Forde

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Grime Music

Grime Music
The modern day grime
Traditionally grime was a male dominant genre only attracting male audiences who aspire to be like the artist. However throughout the last few years grime has now become more gender neutral and women now tend to dominate this genre.
Props and product placement
Props usually aren't used within the grime genre and therefore product placement only comes from the costumes that the artists wear.
Costume, Hair and Make up
Grime artists will usually dress in a certain kind of way to promote their music
Popular Grime Artists
What is Grime?
Grime can be seen as an American alternative to Hip-hop. Most grime videos have similar locations, and general mise en scene elements
D double E
All three are wearing very relaxed clothing, namely tracksuits
Most grime music videos are set in natural environments due to the videos traditionally not costing a lot of money to produce because it wasn't very popular until the MOBO awards became more familiar to people.
This video is set outside and Stormzy (the artist) is walking around a local estate in London
Common Ideologies
Grime has similar ideologies to R&B however it has less focus on women sex symbols and more equal. Themes include equality, freedom and tackling the opinion of critics
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