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Welcome to Ms. Martin's Curriculum Night 2015-2016!

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Amanda Martin

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to Ms. Martin's Curriculum Night 2015-2016!

Welcome to Ms. Martin's Curriculum Night 2017-2018!
Please find your child's seat and write them a note for them to read in the morning. :)
Let's walk through a typical day for your 2nd grader!
Morning Work
Students enter from 7:10- 7:40. They will unpack, check in by turning in their blue folders, and will find their seats to begin their morning work.

Morning work is typically various morning work tubs. These include math manipulatives/games, logic puzzles, or others. Students can also read or write in their journals.

Students may also exchange their books during this time or visit the library.
Spelling and Vocabulary
Reading Horizons
Spelling practice will follow a sequential phonics progression through a curriculum called Reading Horizons.

Students will have weekly spelling tests. Words tested will be using the pattern that we have learned that week. Nonsense words may also be included.

Vocabulary will be worked on during direct instruction and Daily 5. Students will use context clues to decide on what unknown words might mean.
Literacy/Guided Reading
I use a well-researched program known as The Daily 5. Time spent reading each day is GREATLY increased thanks to this program.

The Daily 5 allows me to tailor instruction to each child to meet their needs.

Children are taught reading strategies and skills while reading books of their choice that are on their level.

We cover word attack skills, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.
The Daily 5
The students are given opportunities to self monitor their learning.

I meet individually and with small (flexible) groups while other students work independently.

5 Daily Choices
Read to Self
Read to a Buddy
Listen to Reading
Work on Words
Work on Writing
We will use the writing process to produce many pieces of writing for publication through the year.

We will work on the following types of writing:
narrative, persuasive, expository, and responsive writing.

Parts of speech and mechanics will be taught through their writing and direct instruction.

8:30- 9:00
Please see your child's individual schedule for their specials.
Unit Study
Project Based Learning
Facilitates collaboration

Occurs during our Science and S.S block

Hands On

Inquiry Based

Student interest driven
Social Studies
Our Georgia

Historical figures
Native Americans
Geographic Regions
Cultural and Geographic Systems
Traits of a Good Citizen
Market Economics
Personal Economics
Seasonal Changes
Pushes and Pulls
Changing Moon/Moving Sun
Life Cycles
Lunch Time

11:05- 11:30
Please come join us any time!

Ice cream will be sold each day for $1.00. This will be charged to your students' account.

Lunch accounts can be paid online.
Standards of Excellence
The focus of Common Core math is to learn more about fewer key topics.

Students will build skills within and across grade levels.

There is a strong push to develop speed and accuracy within math skills.

Students are asked to really "know it" and to explain their thought processes.
Daily Math

Students will be participating in Number Talks.

Math centers, small group instruction, and math journals will be used to reinforce and extend the children's learning.
Number Sense
Place Value
Problem Solving
Time and Money
Grading and Reporting
Papers will come home each Mailbox Monday in the students' Daily Folder.

Papers with a 1, 2, 3, or 4 were formally assessed.

1: Performance is below standard, and a student needs
frequent teacher support
, re-teaching, and additional practice.

2: Approaching standard and students applies learned skills with
some teacher support

3: Meets standard and students produces quality work with
little to no teacher support
. (grade level expectation)

4: Exceeds standard and student consistently produces outstanding work
Pre-test vs. Post-test
Students will be graphing their pre-test vs. post-test data this year.

When these come home please sign and return back to school.
Behavior Management
I work very hard to have a classroom that focuses on the positive choices that students make. I also try to highlight the role model behavior I see through the day.

Students work through the week to earn money for these choices. They can then use this money to visit the Community Catalog on Friday afternoons.
In turn, students can also loose money for not following directions, disrupting the class, or not following our classroom rules.
Other Classroom Items
We have the incredible opportunity to utilize technology within our classroom.

If you do not feel comfortable sending a device with your child, desktop and laptops are available.

I will use technology predominately during Daily 5, math groups, and unit study.

I prefer to use technology as a tool for research and production of projects.

is a great app to download so your child can use flash player on their device. Other apps to consider downloading: ItsLearning, RazKids
Its Learning

We will be incorporating ItsLearning more into our learning this year.

Snow day activities will be posted if needed in my planner.

You may also use ItsLearning to find our homework and topics we will be covering in class.

Please remember to send any transportation changes in writing through your child's daily folder or through fax to the front office.

Please send in a healthy snack and water with your child daily.

Cathy Poteet, Heather Baker, and Crystal Dorn have volunteered to be our team room moms this year. They will be contacting you with opportunities to help within our classroom.

Mystery readers and party help will be needed.

Thank you already to those who have donated towards our classroom!
Remind Texts
I have set up a Remind account that I will use for quick reminders about special assemblies, field trips, or inclement weather days.

Thank you for coming!
Please know how grateful I am to have the opportunity to teach and know your children. I want nothing more than to see them grow and succeed and I look forward to spending time with them each and everyday.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.
(770) 887 -1883 ext. 260203

Growth Mindset
I've really tried to encourage students this year to know they can do anything. We have discussed what this looks like and even "threw away" can't, a word we never like to say in our class.
I feel this sets them up for success when something seems hard or difficult, we try and don't give up!
As a grade level, 2nd grade has decided to do more personalized homework.

Each week homework will be posted on ItsLearning in the planner. Students should complete all activities by Friday.

Please have your child write in their agenda each night which activity they completed.
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