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Pearl Harbor -US Enters The War

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Karin Tang

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Pearl Harbor -US Enters The War

Pearl Harbor
- Japan is a country that doesn't have many natural resources

- need more for war factories to supply

- The US is 9600 KM from Asia

- Japan decided to hold the place in Pearl Harbor

- having attack in Pacific Ocean
Next Few Days。。。
United Stated declared war to Japan

There fore , due to the Axis agreement; Germany, Italy, and Japan declared war on the United States

The most powerful country in the world had finally joined the war
In Lagoon harbor on the island of
Oahu, Hawaii west of Honolulu.

When and How
December 7 , 1941

launched an air raid from Japanese aircraft carriers against the US Naval headquarters at Pearl Harbor

was not expecting this attack
Pearl Harbor -US Enters The War
- a lot of US Military vehicles and equipment were destroyed

- 2500 Americans were killed

- 1200 were injured

- deadly mistake
for Japan
Pearl harbor was one of the biggest game changers in the war

USA never wanted to be a part of the war

Unfortunately they were forced to by the Japanese

• After almost four years America dropped Little Boy (the world’s first atomic bomb) on Hiroshima

America’s long awaited revenge:
• Three days later another atomic bomb was dropped

• After the catastrophic events of the bombs Japan surrendered, WW2 came to its close
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