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AP Biology Scavenger Hunt

No description

Alex Tobias

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of AP Biology Scavenger Hunt

Definition: A Eukaryote is an organism containing cells with DNA within a nucleus, eukaryotes include both plants and animals.
AP Biology Scavenger Hunt
Alex Tobias

Adhesion of Water
Definition: Adhesion of Water is when water sticks to another surface other than water.
Cohesion of Water
Definition: Cohesion of Water is when water
sticks to nothing else but water.
Definition: Decomposition is the break down of material over time; rotting or decay.
Definition: Ethylene is a growth hormone in plants that promotes ripening of fruit, or breaking buds out of their slumber to begin growth.
Radial Symmetry
Definition: Radial symmetry is when an object/organism is symmetrical all the way around a central point.
This orange cut in half shows radial symmetry
because it's symmetrical all the way around the
center of the orange.
This image shows adhesion of water because
the water is sticking to the branches of this tree.
This water may be frozen, but it's all water
connected together.
Once these leaves fell from their tree,
unconnected from a life source, they began
to whither and rot
This crab apple tree bears crab
apples in the spring
and need the help of ethylene to
promote fruit ripening
This cat is an animal and contains
cells that have DNA within a nucleus
Definition: An exoskeleton is a protective hard covering on the outside of some organisms bodies.
This turtle has a hard protective
layer (exoskeleton) encasing his body
Definition: A pollinator is an organism that can carry pollen from one flower to another.
This bird can catch pollen on it's wings
and while flying pollen can detach and land
on other flowers, or other pollen
needing plants.
Definition: An area of built of plant tissue around the tips and roots of plants which are slowly dividing into new cell tissue.
Right on the tips of these plants
there is plant tissue called the meristem
Definition: The transport of water and other nutrients up through roots and shoots of plants
Water and other minerals are coursing
up through this tree trunk by transpiration
Deciduous Leaf
Define: A deciduous leaf is a type of leaf that falls off it's tree, shrub, bush, etc. according to the season.
This maple leaf is a
deciduous leaf because
it falls off the maple tree
in the fall.
Definition: An endotherm is an organism that can maintain it's body heat because of internal heat generation.
This dog is an endotherm because
it's a warm-blooded animal that can maintain
its body temperature through internal heat generation.
Definition: Cambium is what forms a second vasular tissue located in
between the xylem and phloem of a plant, that helps in the transport of water throughout that plant.
Seen in this tree trunk on the outermost ring
is a layer of vascular cambium
Leaf Gymnosperm
Definition: Leaf Gymnosperms are leaves that have their seeds out in the open and don't drop off their trees until after two or more growing seasons.
These pine needles from a conifer
tree don't drop until after two seasons,
and their seeds are open to the environment.
Definition: Stomata are like the gates to a plant that regulate the flow of water, oxygen, and CO2 in and out of the plant.
These leaves like all other leaves have
stomata all over them to let water, oxygen,
and CO2 in and out of them.
Aggregate Fruit
Definition: An aggregate fruit is a type of fruit that consists of many little fruits contained to one receptacle.
A pineapple is an aggregate fruit because it's a
bunch of smaller fruits with their own ovaries in
the shape of one big fruit.
Definition: A deuterosome is a super class/phylum of animals that are classified by their embryonic stages in which the first opening to develop is the anus.
This snake is a deuterosome because the
first opening to develop was its anus.
Definition: An ectotherm is an organism that depends on external heat sources, like the sun, to regulate its body heat,
This leopard gecko is an ectotherm because
it bathes itself in light like the sun or a
high wattage light bulb at a pet store, in order
to maintain a comfortable body heat.
Definition: An animal phylum that contain any sort of mollusk, and have sensory organs on their head.
This aquatic snail is a gastropod
because it's a type of mollusk.
Definition: An annelid is any worm like organism of the phylum annelidia defined by their elongated and usually cylindrical bodies.
These worms are annelids because of
their worm like bodies and
segmented body parts.
Definition: Keratin is a protein that makes up most of the structure of hair, nails, feathers, hooves, etc.
This hair contains the fibrous
protein, keratin.
Long-day Plant
Definition: A long-day plant is a type of plant that has to be exposed to light a certain amount of time in order to flower.
Spinach is a long day plant because it
has to be exposed to sunlight past a certain
critical point in order to obtain optimal growth.
Definition: A carbohydrate is a macro molecule (large organic compound) that occur in foods like starches and sugars.
A potato is a starch
Definition: An endosperm is a part of a seed that contains a nutritive tissue that is a food store for the developing plant embryo.
These popcorn seeds contain endosperm, it's
the white fluffy part that we see when we eat it,
just cooked and expanded.
Amniotic Egg
Definition: An amniotic egg is a shelled egg in which an embryo grows inside a fluid-filled sac (amniotic fluid).
This chicken egg is amniotic because it's shelled
and contains a developing chicken that is growing
inside an amniotic sac.
Tendril of a plant
Definition: a tendril is a growing threadlike spiral that grows off of certain plants.
This tendril has grown off of a grape vine,
and is threadlike and spiraled.
Female Pinecone
Definition: a female pine cone produces the seeds which are released when the pine cone opens up; they generally grow at the top of the tree as opposed to male pine cones which grow toward the bottom.
This pine cone is female because it's latches
are open, indicating it's female.
Definition: an angiosperm is a plant that has flowers and produces seeds within a space called the carpel.
This is a flowering plant that produces
seeds in the carpel.
Definition: A frond is a leaf or leaf like part of a plant usually large.
This is a part of a fern that holds many fronds.
Flower Ovary
Definition: a flower ovary is a the part of a flowering plant that holds the newly produced seeds (ovules).
This flower's ovary is inside the
carpel towards the bottom.
Definition: an arthropod of the phylum Arthropoda, is an animal that is an invertebrate and has an exoskeleton, like crustaceans.
These crickets are invertebrates and have an exoskeleton.
Pioneer Species
Definition: a pioneer species are a species that are the first to grow in a damaged or new environment.
Moss is one of the first species
to grow in an environment.
Littoral zone organism
Definition: a littoral zone organism is an animal that are commonly found on the shores of oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.
Hermit crabs are commonly
found on littoral zones.
Calvin Cycle
Definition: the calvin cycle is a series of reactions in a plant where glucose is made from carbon dioxide.
This is a plant, therefore it goes
through photosynthesis which involves
the calvin cycle.
Definition: Cellulose is a polysaccharide that is a the main component in plant cells.
This is a plant, so it has plant cells,
which are made mostly up of cellulose.
Stem - Herbaceous vs. Woody
Definition: a herbaceous stem is fleshy and is flexible while woody stems are less flexible and are hard. Also herbaceous stems, at the end of the growing season, lower to ground level, while woody stems are persistent above ground level.
These are woody stems and are not very flexible and stay above ground level throughout the year.
These are herbaceous stems, very flexible, and lower to ground level at the end of the growing season.
Definition: A powdery substance, usually yellow, that is released from the male part of plants and can be carried by pollen carriers to be recepted by female ovules in plants and become fertilized, basically like conception, sperm to egg.
This flower still has the powdery
gamete on it's carpel
Animal with two chambered heart
Definition: a two chambered heart pumps blood and nutrients all throughout the body; this is still a heart just another form of the heart that is in some animals.
Fish have two chambered hearts.
Definition: a gibberellin is a plant hormone that regulates plant stem elongation, germination, and flowering.
Grapes contain this group
of growth hormones.
Definition: a rhizome is a thick plant stem that grows horizontally underground and from it grow roots and shoots.
Ginger root grows
horizontally underground,
and from it grow roots and shoots.
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